Specialized Camber bicycles

The Specialized Camber gathers the characteristics of a trail bicycle with the XC climbing capacity. A versatile and lasting bicycle, perfect for traveling the paths up and down effectively.

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What type of cyclist is the Specialized Camber?
The Specialized Camber is a mountain bike designed to face all mountainous clues and roads. This trail model offers incomparable agility, responding to each pedaling, both in promotions and descents, resulting in an extremely fun driving experience.
This bicycle adapts to the needs of the average biker that seeks to enjoy its routes and marches on the mountain without giving up squeezing it in the occasional XC and Marathon test.
Specialized Camber, an arrow that makes differences
The Specialized Camber initially made its appearance as a lighter and more agile trail option. Over the years, it has evolved to stay at the forefront in terms of performance and technology, always seeking to offer the best driving experience to mountain cyclists.
Each gene generation has incorporated incremental improvements that have turned it into a light, rigid and lasting bicycle, with sufficient suspension to descend with security and promotion efficiency. Its trail 29 geometry guarantees its performance, and is equipped with resistant and effective components, without unnecessary excesses. In a reliable and efficient option for mountain cycling enthusiasts, either for recreational or competitive use.
Specialized Camber bicycles prices and bicycles
The range comprises several very different versions according to the launch year, the material of the painting and the different finishes and components. Of course, all of them have different prices, although it should also be noted that the relationship between what they cost and the quality they offer is another of the strengths of the Specialized Camber.
In Tuvalum we work so you can get the changer of your dreams at the best price. Thanks to our circular economy model you can buy a discount from 20% to 60% on its original price. And as they are reconditioned by our team of mechanics and have the Tuvalum certified label, they come standard with a unique used bicycle guarantee service in Europe.
ADVANTAGES OF BUYING A Specialized Camber Reconditioned
One of the advantages of buying a second -hand Specialized Camber in Tuvalum is the saving in the price. Being bicycles that have already had a life, the price difference with respect to a new bicycle bought in a store is up to 60%.
But in addition, all bicycles in Tuvalum are reconditioned by our mechanics to meet the same requirements and approval in the field of safety and quality of the materials that the European Union requires new bicycles. That is why a Specialized Cambler reconditioned from Tuvalum is like a new but better bicycle!
How to buy a second -hand Specialized Camber
In Tuvalum we offer you a careful selection of second -hand bicycles reconditioned. If you want to buy a Specialized Camber you can use our search engine or the filter system and compare the different units we have at all times. If you prefer you can also request the advice of our team of experts, which will help you choose the bicycle, version and level of components that best fit your needs, objectives and budget.
And thanks to our online purchase model you do not need to leave your home to get the Specialized Camber that you have always wanted. From the comfort of your sofa, with your mobile phone, you can buy it in one click and receive it at your home in 3-5 days completely ready to roll and with all the guarantees of our Tuvalum certified label.