Scott bicycles represent the Swiss precision and quality. Its catalog stands out both on mountain bicycles, where they are referents, and on road bicycles, offering a first -class performance for various cycling modalities. Their designs take care of every detail and have a legacy of excellence in the most demanding competitions. Are you looking for a Scott bicycle? Check out our catalog and consignela reconditioned at the best price in Tuvalum.

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Scott, of the Swiss Alps to conquer the world.
Scott bicycles offer a perfect balance of innovation, quality and performance. Each Scott bicycle is the result of a detail design, the best avant -garde technology and the good work that characterizes the Swiss manufacturer. Buying a Scott means investing on a bicycle that has been designed for optimal performance under demanding conditions. You are already a road cyclist, mountain cyclist or triathlete, Scott offers a variety of models that adapt to your driving style, land and performance needs.
In addition, Scott is a pioneer in the cycling industry, constantly pushing the limits of technology and design. Characteristics such as its patented Twinloc suspension system, aerodynamic pictures and light construction designs are testimony of its commitment to innovation. With Scott, not only buy a bicycle, but a piece of avant -garde cycling technology. Among the attractions of Scott bicycles is their value for money. Being a Top brand it is an important advantage over other options.
The curious history of Scott
Scott Sports was founded by engineer Ed Scott in 1958, in Sun Valley, Idaho. Ed patented the first aluminum skiing of history, which was a revolution at the time. Although it began as a skiing equipment, Scott quickly diversified in other sporting articles, including cycling. His adventure in cycling began in 1986 when they introduced the aerodynamic handlebar that played a crucial role in the victory of Greg Lemond in the Tour de France of 1989. In the 1990s Scott began to stand out as a manufacturer of mountain bicycles, especially for its Models with double suspension.
Over the years, Scott has continued innovating, producing the lightest picture in 2001 with CR1 and revolutionizing mountain cycling with the genius, the first MTB with adjustable suspension, in 2003. Scott has harvested great sports hits In the world of BTT's high competition linking its brand to great champions. This is the case of Nino Schurter, Olympic champion and one of the best bikers in history, with several World Cups and an Olympic gold medal in his record. Scott's commitment to innovation has made it one of the most successful brands in professional cycling.
Main models of scott bicycles
Road bicycles
Scott is recognized worldwide for producing some of the highest performance road bicycles in the cycling industry with a history proven in the most prestigious races in the world. On the one hand we highlight the ADDICT RC model, which is the final escalation machine. It is incredibly light, thanks to its HMX carbon fiber box, which makes it perfect for those exhausting promotions. It is not surprising that this bicycle was driven until the victory in the 2019 Tour of France by Egan Bernal, underlining his pedigree in the professional squad. Within the range of road, we also find FOIL, famous for its aerodynamic efficiency. It has a patented aerodynamic profile picture, which reduces resistance and optimizes output power. This Swiss watchmaking machine was carried by Mathew Hayman in his victory of the mythical Paris-Roubaix 2016. In the modality of counterreloj/triathlon, Scott has the Plasma model that is the best example of the understanding of the speed of speed and the aerodynamics. With the victories of Alistair Brownlee in the World Triathlon series using plasma, it is clear that this bicycle is a force to take into account in the counterreloj and triathlon circuits.
Mountain bikes
Scott is also a very considered name in the world of mountain cycling, with several of its models in the head in terms of popularity, performance and professional recognition. Some of them are always in the upper parts of the best-selling bicycle rankings in the world, and it is not surprising, because the quality-price ratio of their bicycles makes them desire object of even the most demanding cyclist. In this category, the Scott Spark stands out, a versatile cross-country machine that combines lightness, efficiency and agility. Its updated geometry, Twinloc suspension system and carbon or alloy options make it perfect for both races and trail riding. It has been this bicycle that has been taken to multiple world championships and Olympic golds by corridors such as Nino Schurter and Jenny Rissveds, underlining their capabilities in Cross-Country races. Scott's genius is a wonder of All-Mountain. This model offers a perfect balance between ascent efficiency and decrease control. If we think of Enduro, the Scott Ransom is the flagship model in this modality, equipped to offer the best performance on the toughest and most steep paths. Its key features include an adjustable geometry using a flip chip, a carbon or alloy box, and a versatile 170 mm journey. The Ransom has had a significant success in the World Enduro series, with cyclists such as Rémy Absalon. In conclusion, either in Cross-Country, All-Mountain or Enduro races, Scott's mountain bicycles have demonstrated their worth again and again. With avant -garde technology, innovative design and a history of professional victories, these models are loved by mountain cycling enthusiasts worldwide.
What team uses Scott bicycles?
Scott Sports is the official supplier of the male, female and promises of the Team DSM to the highest level with its bicycles and their helmets since 2021. The Team DSM, previously known as Team Sunweb, is a professional cyclist team of Dutch origin that Compete in the ICU Worldtour, the highest level of professional road cycling. The Team DSM has had several notable successes throughout its history. In 2017, the team obtained victories in the big laps, with Tom Dumoulin winning the turn of Italy and Warren Barguil winning two stages and the classification of the mountain in the Tour de France. In addition, the team has had a strong performance in the classics.
Where is the Scott brand manufactured?
The company's headquarters is in Friburg, Switzerland, since 1998, and from here it is from where the brand operates today.
Scott bicycles are designed in Switzerland, by brand engineers, but their real production is mainly done in factories in Taiwan and Continental China, which is quite common in the bicycle industry. These factories are known for their high manufacturing standards and their experience in carbon fiber construction.
It is important to note that, although bicycles are manufactured in Asia, they go through a rigorous quality control to ensure that they meet the demanding standards established by the Scott team from Switzerland. This commitment to quality helps Scott maintain his reputation as producer of some of the world's finest bicycles.