A Cannondale bicycle is not one more bicycle, it is a symbol of innovation, performance and avant -garde in Tuvalum you can get your bicycle Cannondale at the best price with the tranquility and guarantee of our Tuvalum certified label.

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Cannondale, an innovative brand
Cannondale is a brand that entered with rumble in cycling. With risky designs, not always understood by the more conventional public, but breaking molds in such a way that it has positioned itself as one of the reference manufacturers in terms of high -end bicycles.

Cannondale manufactures large -performance bicycles with very clear identity signs, such as its famous Lefty for a single arm in the mountain segment or its carbon preference as material for the construction of paintings.

The search for new designs and technical improvements that challenge conventions is one of the emblems of this brand that creates in the United States and manufactures in Taiwan. Cannondale was the manufacturer that invented the BB30 Pedalier Axis system, which was subsequently adopted by other great brands and today is one of the most widespread standards.

In their day, Cannondale's fat wheels had risky suspensions for contact, which marked the evolution in the BTT, a suspension that linked the direction with the two -arms fork and meant aesthetic rarity. They were also striking their models of route bicycles and cycling with thicker tubes than those used by the rest of the manufacturers.

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Buy the reconditioned in Tuvalum. Thanks to our online store model you have all the facilities to get the Cannondale that you have always wanted without moving home. In Tuvalum we have a large selection of Cannondale bicycles at the best price. As are second -hand bicycles you get discounts of 20% and up to 60% compared to the new new price. But the advantages of buying a second -hand Cannondale bicycle are more.

In Tuvalum we have introduced the reconditioned bicycle category. What does this mean? That all bicycles exceed the highest certification in the market after being reviewed, reconditioned and set up by our team of mechanics. Did you know that in this reconditioning process we follow the same technical and approval criteria that the European Union requires new bicycles? That is why buying a reconditioned Cannondale bicycle in Tuvalum is an intelligent decision: to economic savings and discounts you add all guarantees, including our exclusive repurchase guarantee.

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Main models of Cannondale bicycles
Cannondale is what is known as a Lovemark, a brand that has gone beyond cultivating passion and fidelity among thousands of followers around the world. The variety of bicycle models it currently offers has nothing to do with the first Cannondale catalog, which almost always offered its first white or red bicycles.

One of the most popular models is Cannondale Supersix Evo, known for its lightness and balance between rigidity and comfort to raise and lower mountain roads. Cannondale Synapse is also a good alternative on asphalt.

In the world of Mountain Bike La Cannondale Scalpel is a reference, with its revolutionary Lefty suspension and superior performance. And if you need the extra power of electricity, Cannondale Moterra is an excellent option in the mountain electric bicycle segment.

How do Lefty forks work?
Cannondale bicycles are easily recognizable and do not leave anyone indifferent. Or you worship or do not want to know anything about them. This is especially noticeable in the MTB market, where Cannondale has taken innovation to limits that seemed impossible with its left arm forks Lefty. This technological innovation makes Cannondale mountain bicycles unique.

Lefty suspension forks have a single arm and are famous for their durability and impact absorption capacity. The Lefty fork uses a pressure bearing system instead of traditional fork bushings, allowing softer operation and greater rigidity.

Cannondale History: Innovative DNA
Cannondale began its journey in 1971, in a loft of a peppers in Wilton, Connecticut. The brand is named after the nearby Cannondale train. In the beginning they thought of manufacturing camping accessories, but soon recognized the growing demand for high quality bicycles and decided to enter this market. It was not the only time Cannondale thought of a product outside the bicycle. In the nineties, he made raids into the world of motorcycle, a sound failure that meant to be sold in 2003.

The roots of this brand born in the United States were divided into two venues: bicycles were devised in Bethel (Connecticut) and were built in Bedford (Pennsylvania). In this sense, Cannondale already bet on innovation by separating the design centers from the manufacturing centers.

The arrival of Cannondale road cycling was not simple, because the thickness of the tubes of his bicycles granted him a grotesque aesthetic for the time. Cannondale made very thick pieces that were rough in view of European canons. An evolution that marked its production of road bicycles until aluminum was introduced.

But the brand maintained confidence in its possibilities and entered the competition of Mario Cipollini, the fastest cyclist in the swell, in the bosom of the Saeco, who did not stop adding triumphs over his Red Cannondale. With Cipollini, Cannondale found a gateway to the market. In addition, the Italian corridor was a pioneer being the first cyclist who wore paintings painted to his jersey color.

In the 2004 Cannondale turn, it was the bicycle used by the two best cyclists of that edition of the Italian round, Damino Cunego and Gilberto Simoni. The brand had created the lighter bicycle on the market with a model that weighed less than 6.8 kilograms, a limit that the ICU did not allow to exceed below. It was then that the slogan emerged: "Legalize My Cannondale."