Innovation, performance and reliability are three of the factors that define Specialized bicycles and that have marked the route of this brand since its origins. In our catalog you have a careful selection of Specialized bicycles fully reconditioned for each type of cycling: road, mountain, grave, triathlon, e-bikes ... Choose yours!

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Are you thinking of buying a Specialized bicycle?
If you are thinking of buying a scialized brand bicycle you are in the right place. In Tuvalum we have a careful selection of second -hand Specialized bicycles and reconditioned at a good price and with the maximum market certification. From anywhere, with your mobile phone and on one click you can buy the Specialized bicycle of your dreams. In Tuvalum we review and put to point all bicycles following the same technical requirements and homologations that the European Union requires new bicycles. Choose your Specialized bike from the huge offer of bicycles we have for you.
Specialized: A long history of innovation
Few brands can explain a legacy of innovation, performance and quality through a simple logo composed of a letter of the alphabet such as Specialized and its legendary icon of the S.
The history of the Specialized bicycle manufacturer began in 1974 in one of the world's first technological creation: Silicon Valley. Its founder, Mike Sinyard, was an aviation command that was attracted to the bicycle world. Such was his passion for this sport that decided to sell his van and, with the 1,500 dollars he obtained from the sale, a trip was financed through Europe to experience the mystique of cycling, pedaling from Amsterdam to Milan with his road bike.
Upon his return to California created Specialized Bicycle components with the idea of ​​importing components and accessories of Italian manufacturers he had met during his trip to market them in the United States. Two years later, in 1974, it launched its first manufacturing product of its own: cycling tires.
In 1981 Specialized manufactured the first units of its range of road bicycles Allez. That same year he also presented the first mass production mountain bike in the world: the Specialized Stumpjumper. In addition, he added in a short time to his manufacturing lines the first BMX, that they had become so popular in the heat of the fame of the film E.T. and his flight with the moon in the back.
During the 80s and 90s, Specialized continued to innovate and expand. In 1989, they launched the Specialized Allez road bicycle series and the Specialized Rockhopper mountain bike, both very popular to this day.
Then began a successful path, an inexhaustible source of high quality models and components that led Specialized to create in 1992 the iconic S-We line accompanied by Mario Cipollini, just the year that the Italian wins the World Cup and the San Remo.
In the 2000s, the brand introduced bicycle models that revolutionized the market, such as the Specialized Roubaix road bike, with its handlebar suspension technology for comfort in the toughest land, and the Specailized Turbo Levo, a of the most advanced and capable mountain electric bicycles of the market.
Nowadays, Specialized remains one of the manufacturers of reference bicycles worldwide, with an focus on innovation and a commitment to quality.
Why buy a second -hand Specialized Specialized
In Tuvalum you can buy a second-hand Specialized Specialized Bicycle at the best price, with custom financing, a 18-month repurchase guarantee and the comfort of receiving it in your home in 3-5 days ready to roll.
In addition, a Specialized bicycle reconditioned by Tuvalum is not a second -hand bicycle such as those published in the advertisement websites or mobile applications of used products. All Specialized bicycles that you can buy in our online store are fully reviewed, ready and reconditioned by our mechanics.
On the other hand, the purchase of a reconditioned bicycle has a much more sustainable environmental impact than the purchase of a new bicycle. Buying a second -hand Specialized bicycle in Tuvalum avoids the broadcast of more than 300 kilos of CO2 to the atmosphere, compared to buying it new at any other store.
Main models of Specialized Bicycles
Specialized throughout its history has produced some of the best -selling models in the world bicycle market. Within the catalog of this manufacturer you can find different ranges adapted to each modality of use: road, mountain, grave, triathlon, electric ...
Specialized road bike range
Specialized has bicycle models of different geometries, adapted for each type of route and need for road cycling. The Specialized Roubaix is ​​indicated for great background and long stages on the asphalt. Specialized Allez is an ideal versatile bicycle to start. And if you are looking for a bicycle with pure competition DNA your ideal option is the Specialized Tarmac.
Specialized mountain bike range
Specialized mountain bicycles are among the most demanded in the market. Especially its Cross Country model, the Specialized Epic, both in its double suspension version and the epic HT of front suspension.
What does Specialized S-Works mean?
S-works is the subdivision dedicated to the design and development of the highest bicycle ranges of the American brand. S-works models represent the latest cycling technology, offering cyclists the lighter, rapid and efficient bicycles available.
How to know if a Specialized S-Works is original
In the second-hand market, cases of deception and falsifications with the Bicycles of the Specialized brand that carry the S-Works denomination are frequent, especially in second-hand applications and websites between individuals where the authenticity and state of the products. For example, it is usual to find conventional Specialized bicycles that have been placed a sticker with the S-Works logo to make it go through a range superior to what it really is.
To verify the authenticity of a Specialized S-Works bicycle you can check the serial number, which is normally located at the bottom of the pedalier. In Tuvalum, we guarantee the authenticity and quality of all our reconditioned bicycles, so you can buy with total confidence.
What cyclists have Specialized bicycles?
Specialized has a long link with the world of competition. Some of the best cyclists and historical teams have risen to the top of the podium mounted in large stages, mythical races and world championships.
Cipollini, Sagan and other cycling legends
Specialized has been present in some of the great deeds of cycling, such as the Cycling World Championship on the route that the Italian Mario Cipollini won in 2002. Or the three consecutive World Cups conquered by the Slovak Peter Sagan, without a doubt the great ambassador of the American brand.
In Mountain Bike El Checho Jaroslav Kulhavy won the Cross Country World Championship in 2011 and the gold medal at the London Olympic Games in 2012 with a Specialized bicycle.
Specialized bicycle offers and bicycle prices
If you are thinking of buying a Specialized bicycle, thanks to our digital store model and our reconditioning service you can save between 20% and up to 60% compared to its original price. Having the Specialized that you have always dreamed of is very easy in Tuvalum. Not only because of the economic savings of our offers, but because we facilitate financing as you need. We work with the best financial ones for eCommerce so you can choose the quota that best suits your situation. And if you need help, you have a whole team of experts at your disposal to help you choose the Specialized you need at the best market price.