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More kilometers, longer routes, less effort. Discover how far you can go with one of our reconditioned electric road bike.

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Highway e-bikes: more kilometers, less effort

There comes a time in the life of every cyclist that the body begins to accuse the passage of age. The legs no longer respond with the same power as before, the long outflows by bicycle begin to become more and more tired and those repencos that were previously enjoyed over the bicycle end up becoming an increasingly demanding effort.

There are cyclists who reach this at age 40, others from 45 but generalized way it happens to all 50s. However, that does not mean that you have to give up going out with the group or stay behind . Imagine being able to enjoy the same usual routes in a simpler way, being the same cyclist but faster. This is the emotional connection that a road electric bicycle can contribute to your cycling experience.

Advantages of electric road bicycles

When the legs fail or the road becomes more steep the batteries and motors of the electric bicycles are the ideal ally. So if you are thinking of making long routes with a level of demand greater than the capacity of your physical background, or you simply seek to experience new challenges on mountain roads, an e-bike is a great choice.

More power and efficiency

The electric motor will provide you with an additional energy injection to the strength of your legs. You are going to notice especially when it comes to climbing slopes and repes, chaining mountain ports or simply when the wind blows face and needs an extra strength to maintain rhythm.

Less physical effort

Road electric bicycles are especially beneficial for cyclists who have physical limitations, either derived from an injury or simply the physical background loss that we all experience as we turn years. These bicycles facilitate being able to follow the same rhythm and make the same routes that we liked so much with lower energy wear. Electrical assistance helps download the effort of the legs and thus enjoy cycling on longer routes.

A different experience

Although at first you can think that a road e-bike breaks the essence of the purest cyclim accessible. Whether you are looking for a type of recreational cycling and if your goals is to improve your times and progress on your level, an electric road bicleta can help you get your goals. Keep in mind that with them you can experience more demanding, longer and more difficult routes than perhaps you could not face a muscular bicycle.

How to choose an appropriate road e-bike

If you are considering buying an e-bike to rolling on the asphalt we recommend you take a look at our Guide to buy a road electric bicycle.

There are several factors that you must have an account, but we highlight two: the engine and battery.

Types of engines

There are several engines classifications based on different parameters: the thrust of its torque -med at NM-, the power -med in watts-, etc. We recommend you look at the engine location: if you go to the bushing of one of the wheels (as a general rule the rear) or if it is a central engine located in the box. Wheel engines are usually smaller and light than the centrals. Its performance is also lower but they are more than enough for an accessible range bicycle or whose use will be merely occasions, urban or to make short routes. The central engines, which are located near the pedalier, are heavier and more powerful. They also have a higher price but they are adequate if you are going to make long routes or look for a bicycle of a medium-high and high range.

Regarding the engine power, the union regulations establish that the maximum power for an electric bicycle cannot exceed 250 watts and the maximum speed of the assisted pedaling cannot exceed 25 km/h.

The batteries, meanwhile, usually have a capacity of between 250 WH and 500 WH, although there are superiors. The greater the battery capacity, the greater its autonomy (and its price). An electric road bike with a central engine and a 500 -WH battery can provide pedaling aid on 100 kilometers or more routes. But, yes, keep in mind that it is not motorcycles and you will have to continue depending on the strength of your legs;)

Reconditioned bicycles, the best option

New road electric bicycles demand an important economic disbursement. That is why an intelligent option is to buy a reconditioned e-bike. And even better if it is an e-bike with the Tuvalum certified label, since although it has been used you have the guarantee that all its components both mechanical and electronic have been reviewed by the best mechanics to ensure that it meets them Technical requirements in the field of safety and quality of the components that the European Union requires new bicycles.

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