Trek is synonym for innovation and quality in the world of cycling. In Tuvalum you can get your next Trek bicycle at the best price with the tranquility and guarantee of our Tuvalum certified label.

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When it comes to second -hand bicycles you can opt for different options in the market. In Tuvalum we have built a unique customer experience to acquire a bicycle used online. The main difference is that our bicycles are fully reconditioned. This means that when you buy a Trek bicycle in Tuvalum you have the guarantee that a team of mechanics has certified it following the same technical requirements and approval criteria that the European Union requires new bicycles.

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Trek history: from a barn to the top of cycling
Trek bicycles are recognized today by the quality of their paintings and for their continuous commitment to innovation and technology. The history of this brand began in a barn in the American city of Waterloo (Wisconsin), north of Chicago, in 1976. There where Dick Burke and Bevil Hogg, lovers of bicycles and visionaries decided that they could build the best bicycles of the world. At that time, Trek bicycles were assembled by hand, one at the same time, and each one carried the quality commitment that has defined Trek since its inception.

His entry into the bicycle world was in stages, a staggered path for Trek that understood a few first steps building cycling paintings and already in the 1980s the first complete machines, entering competition cycling in 1982.

But Trek's work not only focuses on high competition cycling, either in the BTT segment or on the road cycling. The American manufacturer also works on the promotion and promotion of the use of the bicycle between groups that can improve their life thanks to it. It even has your own brand to make cycling equipment. Through the Bontrager firm he designs and markets helmets, wheels, shoes, jerseys, handlebars and accessories that complete the experience about a bicycle.

What innovations has Trek introduced into the bicycle market?
In the world of cycling, talking about Trek bicycles is talking about innovation. The North American manufacturer was one of the pioneers to get the serial bicycles with carbon fiber boxes. It was in 1992, anticipating at that time what would be the future and current present of the manufacture of bicycles. Trek thus became the first brand to market a bicycle with carbon box.

A decade before, Trek had entered the world of mountain cycling with a prototype BTT tested in a descent race by one of the firm's commercials. The Made in USA teaching made its entrance to the world of Mountain Bikes, where today is one of the world leaders in mountain bicycle technology. Trek would end up introducing the first suspensions in his mountain bike models.

What is Trek's OCLV carbon?
Trek is currently one of the referents with regard to the manufacture of carbon bicycles, both for road and Mountain Bike. His team of engineers has been working to make more resistant, light and durable pictures since 1991. They have the OCLV carbon fiber process patented by the brand.

OCLV is Optimum Compaction Low Void. According to Trek, the carbon they use is of restricted military use and its export as raw material is prohibited outside the United States.

Main models of Trek bicycles
Trek has a very wide catalog of bicycles, with different models, ranges and versions adapted to different levels of use and modalities.

If you practice cycling on Trek route, it has different road bike models to choose from. Trek Madone is a fast and light bicycle, with an aer -type geometry designed for the competition. Trek Domane is designed to enjoy long routes, where comfort is a characteristic highly valued by cyclists for great background days. Do you prefer a light and very reactive bicycle to squeeze mountain roads? In that case, the Trek Émonda, the American manufacturer's climbing bicycle.

And if yours is adventure cycling and serious asphalt routes, your bicycle is the Trek CheckPoint.

Mountain trek bicycle models
Trek offers multiple options in its bicycle catalog for Mountain Bike, both rigid and double suspension. Do you like to overcome in marches and routes? The Trek Procaliber is a competition machine for Cross country with front suspension. Do you prefer the comfort of a double suspension but without giving up the agility and living reactions of the XC? Then choose a Trek Supercaliber. Are you one of those looking for an agile BTT bicycle to master the most technical paths? Try the Trek Top Fuel, the American brand trail model.

Where are Trek bicycles manufactured?
Trel presumes the "Made in USA" and being a brand that manufactures its bicycles in the United States. However, this is not so, since only a few models of its catalog - and specifically the Madone 6 - are manufactured entirely in its Waterloo plant in Wisconsin. Most Trek bicycles are manufactured in Taiwan.

Trek in professional cycling
Trek has had a great influence on professional cycling. The brand has been a constant in the most prestigious competitions in the world, including the Tour of France. With cyclists such as Lance Armstrong and Fabian Cancellara, Trek has left his mark on cycling history.

Lance Armstrong, the man who put Trek on the map
The commitment to innovation and technology of Trek since its origins has been reflected in road cycling. The year 1998 was the date on which Trek would definitely become one of the referents of the world of high competition with his entry as a supplier of the US Postal team commanded by Lance Armstrong.

The Schleck or Alberto Contador brothers are some of the great figures of the international squad that have led Trek to the top of the podium in large cycling tests.