Giant is the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world. That is why in its catalog you have an option adapted to each need, objective and modality of use. In Tuvalum you can get your Giant bicycle at the best price with the tranquility and guarantee of our Tuvalum certified label.

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What are special giant bicycles?
Giant is today a giant whose bicycles enjoy wide popularity and are appreciated by millions of cyclists, both professionals and amateurs worldwide. Its single mention is synonym for quality, with a wide and well -assorted range of models. Some of them could well be in the bicycle history museum, such as the revolutionary MCR Team and its inspiring picture. The quality-price ratio of Giant bicycles, with high-level assemblies to affordable costs, has earned him the recognition of experts.

This manufacturer is especially valued to do to take advantage of so many years of experience in the manufacture of paintings continuously incorporating technological improvements and innovations in their bicycle ranges. One of the main characteristics of Giant mountain bicycles is the high resistance offered by their paintings to the accumulation of kilometers and exits, combining the design and high durability of the materials.

Why buy a second -hand Giant bicycle reconditioned?
Have you always wanted to have a Giant bicycle? You have three options when buying it: new, second -hand or reconditioned. In Tuvalum we have created the concept of reconditioned bicycle, which consists of offering second -hand bicycles with the same guarantees as if they were new.

This means that all Giant bicycles that we sell in our online store have exceeded the most complete certification in the market. The Tuvalum certified label that accompanies them accredits that they have been reconditioned following the same technical requirements in safety and quality of the materials that the Europe union requires new bicycles. That is why they are guaranteed and also accounts with our exclusive 18 -month repurchase guarantee.

Buying your next second -hand Giant bicycle in Tuvalum has more advantages. You can save between 20% and 60% compared to its original price, but without giving up any guarantee. That is why Tuvalum is transforming the bicycle market thanks to its innovative reconditioning and guarantees model.

In short, buying a Giant bicycle in Tuvalum you get an important savings in the price and, at the same time, you are covered by all guarantees. That is why reconditioned bicycles of Tuvalum are like new, but better. And if you do not find the Giant you are looking for, you can contact our team to request advice or dive between our online reconditioned second -hand bicycles.

Giant History, the world's biggest bicycle manufacturer
Giant is one of the bicycle brands that has contributed the most to market globalization. This manufacturer of Taiwanese origin had a very prominent role in the boom that cycling experienced in the 1970s, when the industry ceased to be centered in Europe to make the leap to other continents. In this globalization of the bicycle, Giant played a key role consolidating himself as one of the most appreciated shows in the manufacture of paintings, both for the segment of road bicycles and mountain.

Giant is currently the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world, from its factory by Taiwan around 6 million bicycles a year come out.

In 1972 King Liu put in Taiwan the company's seed, anticipating the boom that would later come from that area of ​​the planet for the bicycle world. Giant was a modest company in its beginnings. It began its activity with $ 100,000 of capital, a figure that more than forty years later has shot over 1,000 million. Each year they leave the Giant factory more than 5 million bicycles. And even produces pictures for other brands.

Through that work for other brands, Giant ended up getting the legendary Schwinn, considered in the 1970s the largest bicycle producer in the world. On his way with the American firm, Giant managed to detach himself from the exclusivity of Made in Taiwan, demonstrating that there was quality in the finishes and projection in the future.

Years later, the Netherlands would be their entrance door in the European Vergel, the key to making the brand global. A need that also went through competition cycling. What was initially a cooperation with the Australian Sports Institute to improve the range of mountain bicycles, consolidated with close collaboration with the Eleven team. In the hands of the yellow team, big names such as Laurent Jalabert, Alex Zulle and Johan Bruyneel made Giant's name known among the most traditional spheres of European cycling.

The roots that Giant threw in the Netherlands were reflected in the collaboration with the reference team in the country, the Rabobank, a great institution in Dutch cyclism that came to win several large with Denis Menchov as head of the rows. Giant is currently considered the first manufacturer worldwide of the cycling industry.

Did you know that Giant introduced the concept of luping in the bicycle frames?
Giant road bicycles distinguished themselves from the outset by the inclination of their horizontal tube, which contributed to modifying the frame geometries of the entire industry. The first paintings with Sloping reached the market by Giant in the 1990s. In 1998 the Elence team became the first professional team to use them in the Tour de France, the Italian turn and the cycling return to Spain.

This innovation has been the hall of Giant's identity for years, which in this way opened the door to the manufacture of more compact and rigid bicycle paintings, providing not only a weight reduction but also a greater maneuverability. Giant's origins are found in Southeast Asia.

Main models of Giant
Giant offers a wide range of models, each designed for a specific type of cycling. Among the most popular you have the Giant TCR, the Racing type model with climbing geometry for mountain roads. For speed lovers, the Giant Propel is the best option, with its aerial box designed to get the maximum performance on each pedal. You can also choose a Giant Defy as a multipurpose model of great background for long routes.

If you practice mountain cycling you may be interested in a giant trance for trail routes and explore paths, or a giant anthem to enjoy purely XC sensations in marches and cross country routes.