We are cyclists, it is our passion and also our work

All the people we make Tuvalum every day we aim to help you discover the bicycle that will take you to the next great challenge.

Our story is simple. We did not find any 100% safe website to buy and sell second -hand bicycles, so we decided to create it. The vision was born in 2014, when we talk with more than 300 cyclists and triathletes who had bought or sold a bicycle used online and discovered that most of them had had bad experiences and suffered some deception. So from the beginning we were clear that the objective should be to build a 100% transparent, comfortable and safe sale system based on providing the best possible customer experience.

We understand that the best way to create businesses is contributing value and solving problems. And that's what we do. We do not sell bicycles, we sell confidence because our goal is not to buy you the most expensive bicycle or the one that leaves us a higher commission, but the one you really need for your habits, objectives and sports challenges.

Our story is simple. We did not find any 100% safe website to buy and sell second -hand bicycles, so we decided to create it.

Today we are referents in Europe thanks to our unique value proposal. Every time they call us as newspapers, radios, websites and televisions interested in how we have transformed the sale of second -hand online bicycles. But in 2015, when we launched this new concept of purchase and sale of bicycles some did not see him much future.

At that time very few believed in our proposal, they told us that the idea of ​​reviewing bicycles to certify their status was very risky, very expensive and a focus of problems. That no second -hand website went to check the status of the products that were sold. But that was what we wanted to change! Luckily we did not pay attention to any of these gurus, but we did it to our clients and cyclist friends, with whom we continue to talk and listen to them because it is our way of learning and improving.

This is our grupetta

Listen to cyclists to continue learning

The company has evolved over the years thanks to being constantly listening to cyclists like you. In the beginning we were a marketplace where individuals and professionals sold their bicycles and Tuvalum was the security layer that managed the entire process: both payment and collection, as well as logistics and bicycle certification thanks to a Partner workshop. But, hearing customers like you, we realized that this system had many inefficiencies because a seller had sold the bicycle by another channel and having forgotten to remove the announcement. Or a bicycle, owned by a seller, could reach in very bad conditions. All this meant frustration for the buyer, but also for the seller and did the complex and friction process. Additionally, each ad was generated by a third seller and the ads sometimes had photos that lowered our quality standards and the descriptions could not be 100% precise.

So, we decided to reinvent ourselves and sell only bicycles owned by Tuvalum. Each bicycle announced has exceeded the highest quality standards for new bicycles and meets the Tuvalum certified label, synonym for guarantee and quality. Each bicycle announced has photos of catalog and video and contains a correct and accurate description. If you are interested in selling a bicycle we are able to assess and buy the bicycle in less than 48h and offer renewal plan and repurchase guarantee. The Renove Plan means that you can deliver your bicycle as part of payment for the purchase of a new one in Tuvalum and, the repurchase guarantee, that Tuvalum undertakes to buy your bicycle in a period of 18 months so you can buy another. In this way, we continue and we will always continue innovating.

What route will we follow?

We are very motivated by the future and continue transforming the bicycle market through our innovative 100% digital model and with a unique customer experience. We are a website, but close treatment and advice are part of our DNA and will continue to be like that.

We are excited to advise thousands of cyclists, help hundreds of small local stores sell their bicycles throughout Europe and attend the digitalization of brands and manufacturers. Cycling is not just our work, it is also our passion.