Orbea bicycles stand out for their reliability. In Tuvalum you can get your orbea bicycle at the best price with the tranquility and guarantee of our Tuvalum certified label.

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Best security and warranty guaranteed on each bicycle

Each bicycle we sell is carefully reviewed

by expert mechanics. And the bike has a 12 months warranty.

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Are you thinking of buying a second -hand orbea?
In Tuvalum you can buy a second -hand orbea bicycle reconditioned at one click and receive it at your home in 3 days with the best market guarantees. We send your bicycle to any point in Europe. In our Lab we review every detail by doing a complete inspection and tuning to all bicycles. And if you need a custom payment formula, in our online store you can finance the purchase of your orbea bicycle in comfortable installments.

What are special orbea bicycles?
Orbea bicycles stand out for their reliability. It is a brand that has managed to transfer the experiences of the high competition to the manufacture of models adapted to the different types of use in cycling on mountain route and cycling.

Whether you make quiet routes and if you are a real kilometer devouring on the asphalt and outside it, in Tuvalum you will find the orbea bicycle indicated for your training, competition and leisure habits.

Why buy a reconditioned orbea bicycle
Buying a second -hand orbea bicycle reconditioned in Tuvalum is an intelligent decision. First, you can get the bicycle that you have always wanted to save you up to 60% of its original price. Check out our online bicycle catalog and you will discover some interesting offers.

Second, all our bicycles carry the Tuvalum certified label, which proves that they have overcome the highest inspection and certification of the used bicycle market. Keep in mind that our mechanics recondition and put each bicycle ready to ensure that it meets the same technical requirements and approval that the European Union requires new bicycles. That is why buying a second -hand reconditioned bicycle in Tuvalum is a guarantee of security and trust.

Third, our online store model specialized in reconditioned bicycles has a positive impact for the planet. Buying a second -hand orbea bicycle in Tuvalum avoids the broadcast of more than 300 kilos of CO2 to the atmosphere, since this is the carbon footprint that has a new bicycle to manufacture and distribute. We always say the "second hand, first option."

The curious history of orbea bicycles
Did you know that Orbea was initially a factory that produced firearms? Orbea's story is really curious. Orbea is a historical surname in the town of Eibar, which today from its central in the heart of Euskadi walks at the forefront of a sector as competitive as that of the bicycle, plasmano as few brands the feeling of a land, the character of A town and the most designed technology in products that compete with the great manufacturers of world cycling.

The Orbea brand was born in 1840 marketing a product that had nothing to do with cycling. He sold guns and firearms. It was in 1930 when he decided to change the sector and began to manufacture bicycles, becoming a provider of some of the best Spanish cyclists of the time. Today it is considered one of the most reliable brands on the world. There is a good reason for it. Orbea has managed to transfer his experience in the world of high competition to an increasingly demanding market.

Since its modest beginnings, Orbea has expanded and grown, staying at the forefront of innovation in bicycle design. The brand has produced a series of iconic models, such as Orbea Orca and the Alma Orbea, which have been praised both for their performance and their aesthetics.

Main models of orbea bicycles
Orbea currently produces a wide range of high quality bicycles, both in the road cycling segment and in Mountain Bike and Triathlon. They are manageable bicycles, which provide a great driving experience to both cyclists who seek to start and the most demanding and experienced competitors.

Some of its models have already become a classic of roads and unpalstal tracks. This is the case of Orbea Orca, the flagship of the Spanish manufacturer for road cycling. His name is actually a word composed of the acronym of orbea and carbon.

Another icon of the Orbea range for road is the Avant model. It is an authentic climbing bicycle tailored to those cyclists to which the flat stages know little by little. The Avant Orbea shows its full potential when the road begins to rise alternating ascents by mountain ports and descents with thousands of curves.

Outside the asphalt, the brand has won the respect of bikers in a short time. Orbea entered the mountain cycling segment in the 1980s. Today is a reference in the different segments of Mountain Bike, both inside and outside the world of high competition. For the passionate of the speed away from the road, there are the models orbea Alma and Orbea Oiz, with different assemblies based on the demands of each corridor.

Those who seek to experience all the sensations that transmit the technical paths and the most inaccessible paths is the Orbea Rallon, a model designed for enduro practice. The most versatile mountain bike in Orbea is the Occam model, a real double suspension All Mountain to enjoy the crossings through the field and the trialeras routes.

What price is a second -hand orbea bicycle?
In Tuvalum we make you very easy to buy your next orbea bicycle at the best price and with the most attractive discount. From less than 1,000 euros you can have a fully reviewed orbea bicycle and ready for you to squeeze every kilometer of route with all the confidence offered by our guarantees system.

Did you know that in addition to the 12 months of commercial guarantee that we give in each order you have our exclusive 18 -month repurchase guarantee? This means our commitment to repurchase the bicycle at any time that you ask for it during the 18 months after your purchase so you can change it for another of our catalog.

And also you have the best financing options. In Tuvalum we make it easy for you to buy your second -hand reconditioned orbea!

What cyclists have bikes orbea?
The relationship of the Spanish brand with high competition cycling comes long. Orbea equipped half of the platoon that took the exit in the first cycling round to Spain in 1935, being the bicycle of the first great idol of Spanish cycling, Mariano Cañardo.

With Orbea, Pedro Delgado won his first round to Spain in 1985 and with Orbea the myth of Marino Lejarreta grew in the Caja Rural. The marketing of the market in the 1990s pushed the brand to make the leap towards quality models that made the difference. It was when they created the Orca model, a bike awarded since its birth that marked the takeoff of the Basque company, which was accompanied by the successes of the Euskaltel team.

The explosion of the mountain bicycle market in the last decade of the last century did not go unnoticed by Orbea. Their engineers began to work on the design and development of competition models.

In the Beijing Olympic Games, in 2008, the best biker in history, Julien Absalon, won the gold medal on an orbea, exactly the same thing Samuel Sánchez would do in the road test.

In recent years, Orbea has sponsored teams such as Vital Concept-B & B Hotels and Cofidis.