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Paths, rocks, trialeras and watios. Challenge the limits of Mountain Bike and discover new sensations with an e-bike.

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Reconditional mountain e-bikes

If you are a mountain bike lover and look for more than the traditional experience, then mountain electric bicycles are the perfect option for you. And if you are also looking for a more economical and sustainable option in the second-hand market but you do not want to give up the qualities and guarantees offered by a new e-bike, in our catalog we have the answer to your questions. Because all electric mountain bicycles that we sell have been reconditioned by our mechanics to ensure that they meet the same standards as the European Union requires new bicycles.

What are mountain electric bicycles?

The mountain electric bicycles, also known as E-MTB, emerged as an alternative to traditional mountain bicycles for those who were looking for an additional challenge and greater ease on their routes. With built -in electric motors, these bicycles offer pedaling assistance that allows you to explore more difficult land and cover more distance without feeling exhausted.

At first they were nothing more than muscle mountain bicycles to which an engine and battery had been incorporated. But over time they were evolving and today they are their own category, with their specific picture geometries to exploit all the sensations offered by the conduction of this type of bicycles.

How do mountain electric bicycles work?

Mountain electric bicycles work with an electric motor integrated in the box or on the rear wheel. This engine feeds on a rechargeable battery and offers pedaling assistance to help you overcome difficult land, steep climbs and long distances more easily. In addition, many mountain electric bicycles have assistance modes that allow you to adjust the level of help according to your needs and preferences.

What should you consider when choosing a mountain electric bicycle?

When choosing a mountain electric bicycle, you should consider several important factors, such as engine power, battery life, weight and suspension. It is also important to take into account your level of skill and experience in mountain cycling, as well as the type of land you usually travel.

What can I do with an e-MTB that I can't do with a conventional Mountain Bike?

With a mountain electric bicycle, you can travel greater distances and overcome more difficult land without getting so much. In addition, you can make the most of your cycling adventures without worrying so much about physical fatigue. Mountain electric bicycles also allow you to explore trails and routes that you could not address with a conventional bicycle, which means that you can enjoy incredible landscapes and experience a unique feeling of freedom.

They are specially recommended bicycles for two types of cycling profiles. On the one hand those who need an extra contribution of watios to continue rolling at the same rate that they did before, especially cyclists over 45 years who do not want to give up the pleasure of experiencing the Mountain Bike but the body and legs no longer respond to the same level That when they were young. On the other, those who seek more demanding routes, longer or with more accused slopes to live new experiences different from the traditional Mountain Bike.

Advantages of buying a reconditioned electric bicycle

There are several reasons why buying a reaconcidized e-bike is an intelligent decision. The first is money savings. New electric mountain bicycles have a higher price than conventional ones. It is normal, taking into account that they incorporate electronic components that are not cheap to manufacture, such as batteries and engines. Therefore, buying a reconditioned e-bike peude help you save a few hundreds in even thousands of euros in your purchase.

The second weight of weight to prefer a reconditioned bicycle in front of a new one is the environmental impact. Buying a reconditioned e-bike is also a more sustainable option. Electric bicycles have an estimated carbon footprint between 250 kg and 400 kg of CO2. This is due to the impact generated by the mining of the necessary materials for the manufacture of the electronic components and the process of manufacturing and distribution of the bicycle.

The third advantage of buying an electric mountain bike reconditioned by Tuvalum is the guarantee. All our bicycles carry the Tuvalum Certified label, which means that they have overcome the most complete inspection and that both the structure and the mechanical and electronic components have been tested and stated to force optimal performance.

Explore our options and start your next mountain electric bicycle! In conclusion, if you are looking to bring your cycling adventures to the next level, a mountain electric bicycle is the perfect option for you. In Tuvalum we offer you a wide selection of high quality mountain electric bicycles so you can choose the right one for you. With a mountain electric bicycle, you can enjoy a unique and exciting experience of Mountain Bike that will take you to new places and allow you to explore beyond your limits.

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