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Where the asphalt ends the fun. Paths, trialeras, rocks, tracks ... In the catalog of mountain bicycles in Tuvalum you will find the perfect companion for your next adventures.

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Second -hand mountain bicycles, reconditioned and with guarantee
A mountain bike is more than a vehicle to move out of asphalt. It is freedom, it is adventure and it is nature. They are challenges and conquest of new territories. But not all mountain bicycles are the same. Since they reached the market in the 1970s they have evolved considerably. It is no longer a bicycle with bicycle with taco wheels, wider tires and a flat handlebar to rolling on ground clues. There are numerous types of mountain bicycles, each adapted to a different use. That is why choosing a Mountain Bike is not an easy task. But don't worry, in Tuvalum you can find a wide range of reconditioned mountain bicycles. In addition, you have the advice of our team to solve your doubts and find the bicycle that really fits your needs, sporting objectives and budget. Rigid or double suspension? Better with wheels of 29 "or 27.5"? With monopathic or double -plate transmission? We explain everything you should know to buy a mountain bike without fear of being wrong.

Why buy a second -hand reconditioned mountain bike
When it comes to buying a mountain bike, many cyclists think that the best option is to buy it new. In this way, unpleasant surprises are avoided in the form of hidden damage that a second -hand mountain bicycle can have that has been subjected to extreme routes or that has not taken the care and maintenance it requires. But there is an alternative: buy a second -hand bike reconditioned in Tuvalum. All our bicycles have the Tuvalum Certified label, which guarantees that it has exceeded the most complete inspection and complies with the same regulations on safety and quality of the components that the Europe Union requires new bicycles. That is why Tuvalum is No. 1 for online sale of reconditioned bicycles in Europe!

One of the great advantages of buying a reconditioned mountain bike is the price. You can save a lot of money compared to a new bicycle without giving up quality. Also keep in mind that our mechanics check and put all the bicycles and offer you 12 months of guarantee. In addition to buying a second -hand Mountain Bike in Tuvalum you are contributing to reducing the environmental impact generated by the manufacture and distribution of a new bicycle.

Types of mountain bicycles
There are different types of mountain bike, depending on the use for the have been designed. It is not the same a Cross country bicycle than an enduro. It happens the same as with cars: if you need a car to make long highway trips with a large family, isn't an urban utilitarian the same as a large Berlina?

Country and Marathon Cross Bicycles
Cross country bicycles are Mountain Bikes designed to compete in rapid circuits, marches and tests. They are very reactive and their goal is to roll quickly on mixed grounds. They usually carry a front suspension, with a maximum of 100 mm or 120 mm of travel although for a few years the so -called Marathon bicycles have been popularized, which have double suspension for longer distances or more technical routes.

Trail bicycles
Trail mountain bicycles are perfect for those cyclists looking for a balance between speed and control in technical paths. One of the main characteristics of Trail bicycles is the suspension: most of them between 120 mm and 160 mm travel. This provides greater comfort and maneuverability in the most demanding and technical areas. As for the geometry of the painting, Trail bicycles have a more relaxed steering angle, with a greater wheelbase.

Enduro and All Mountain Bicycles
Enduro and All Mountain bicycles are ideal for cyclsites seeking emotion and adenaline, with specific geometry and components that allow them to be fast and stable at the same time. The suspensions are usually longer, from 160 mm to 180 mm and carry both front and rear cushioning, because they are indicated to roll by more technical and steep paths, alternating climbing and, especially, descents.

Descent bicycles
Descent bicycles are designed to launch at full speed down, overcoming jumps and obstacles at high speeds.

A frequent doubt when buying a mountain bike is to choose the type of suspension: when is it better to buy a rigid bicycle and when is it better to buy a double suspension? It depends on several factors. One of them is the age and physical condition of the cyclist. In a generalized way with the passage of time we lose flexibility and the muscles and bones suffer more bicycle impacts on the irregularities of the terrain. That is why many mountain cyclists from 35 and 40 prefer to buy a double suspension bicycle even if they make quiet, short and not excessively technical exits. In return, they win in comfort.

Another factor to consider is the budget. Double suspension mountain bicycles are more expensive - equal to equipment - than front suspension bicycles, also rigid or semi rigid. That is why buying a second -hand mountain bike reconditioned in Tuvalum is an excellent decision. Not only do you get a fully reviewed and mechanical guarantee bicycle, but you can access a double suspension bike well equipped with the same budget that would cost you to buy a new rigid.

Wheel size: 26 ", 27.5", 29 "
Initially all mountain bicycles carried the same wheel size: 26 ". But as they evolved and differentiating in their different types and modalities, other wheel sizes were also appearing. Currently the mountain bicycles of 26" have practically disappeared and There are two dominant standards: 27.5 "and 29". The former are usually mounted on enduro and descent bicycles, while those of 29 "are practically the only option in Cross Country. Mixed systems have also appeared, such as the so -called Mullet, a combination of wheels that consists of mounting a tire of 29 29 "On the front axle and one of 27.5" in the rear.

Tips for buying a second -hand mountain bike
Buying a second -hand mountain bike is a more economical and more sustainable option with the environment than buying a new bicycle. In addition, there are numerous web pages, applications and forums where you can find cyclists who sell their Mountain Bike. However, a bicycle is not sunglasses or a shirt that you can do without two weeks of use that there is hidden damage that the seller had not told you. When it comes to a mountain bike, the safety and good condition of the components is a priority. That is why the main advice when buying a second -hand mountain bike is to have the guarantee that it has been inspected and reconditioned under the highest standards on the market. This is precisely the Tuvalum certified label and that is why you buy in Tuvalum you are protected and safe.

Another important advice is that you choose the type of bicycle you are going to buy. As we have explained above, not all mountain bicycles are equal or serve for the same. Keep in mind the type of routes in your area, your sports goals and the use you are going to give. From there it will be easier for you to know what type of Mountain Bike fits with you. Do not forget to look at the degree of equipment and components. Some mountain bicycles have 12 -speed monoplate and cassettes transmission systems, while others have two -speed dishes and cassettes. Which is better? There is no clear answer, since everything depends on your level as a cyclist and the use you make.

Remember that in Tuvalum we give you advice in a personalized and without obligation, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or simply look for professional advice.

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