Tuvalum certified, synonymous with quality


We review each component with more than 100 control points, verify the structural integrity of the table and clean and put the transmission ready. In addition, you can return it during the first 30 days and all bikes have 1 year warranty and the possibility of hiring 1 additional year. Buying in Tuvalum you acquire a bicycle as if it were new but with saving between 30% and 70%.

Tuvalum certified in three data

La garantía que necesitas

We carry out a thorough inspection

We have over 100 inspection points on each bicicleta to make sure everything is working properly.

You can return your bike for 30 days

If you are not convinced, you have 30 days to return your Tuvalum bike easily and hassle-free.

We offer you the option to repurchase

If you get tired of your bike or want one with higher performance, we will buy it back within 18 months of purchase.

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All our bicycles have the Tuvalum certified label. That means that each bicycle has passed and overcome an exhaustive and thorough inspection and therefore is ready to roll.
  • We guarantee 100% bike mechanics
  • We review all components
  • We make sure there is no structural damage and we adjust the suspensions
  • We clean and put the transmission up
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Professional inspection

In Tuvalum Lab we have designed a unique certification system with more than 100 inspection points. Our goal is to offer you confidence and security and for this we use the latest innovations that ensure that your bicycle is reliable and has the highest quality.

Table & fork

The structural integrity of frame and fork is verified

Full grease

Todos los componentes son engrasados para asegurar una operación fluida y prolongar la vida de la bicicleta.

The transmission is cleaned with ultrasound

Utilizamos tecnología de limpieza por ultrasonidos para dejar la transmisión impecable, garantizando un rendimiento suave y eficiente.

Change of consumables and pieces if necessary

Nos aseguramos de que cada componente esencial, como pastillas de freno y cables, sea reemplazado por piezas nuevas y de alta calidad si es necesario.


Not only do we dedicate ourselves to reconditioning: in our Tuvalum Lab we inspect all the components and put them ready to make sure that your bike is ready to accompany you in your adventures for a long time.

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We do not work in a reconditioning workshop, we have a laboratory. Our expert mechanics work in our Tuvalum Lab to offer you the highest level in reconditioned bicycles.

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How is your new Tuvalum bike to get?

We send all our perfectly reviewed and packaged bicycles in a closed box and with a safety packaging so that it gets well protected. We send them mounted to 80%, so in most cases (depending on the type of bicycle and size) you will only have to turn the handlebar and mount the front wheel. And to roll!

Repurchase guarantee

If a day comes when you get tired of your bike or want to look for one of higher benefits, we repurchase it at any time during the next 18 months to the purchase.

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What does it mean that a bicycle is Tuvalum certified?

The Tuvalum Certified Quality Seal proves that our bicycles have exceeded the most complete inspection to ensure that they meet the highest standards. We not only review them, but we recondition them to ensure that they comply with the same regulation required by the European Union for new bicycles. That is why a Tuvalum certified bicycle is not any bicycle.

How do I know that Tuvalum bicycles are in good condition?

All bicycles offered on our website have exceeded a rigorous inspection by our specialized mechanics. Thus you can be calm knowing that the bicycle you choose meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

How does bicycles certify Tuvalum?

In Tuvalum we do not settle for a simple workshop, we have developed a bicycle laboratory where we apply avant -garde technology. We have the latest in diagnostic, inspection and tuning systems. For example, we use ultrasound to clean the transmissions. That is why the Tuvalum certified label is the highest quality with reconditioned bicycles.

Who are the mechanics that review and recondition the bicycles?

In all product sheets we detail the tuning that has been made to the bicycle in question and, if you had any aesthetic defect, we also specify it. So you can know the bicycle in depth even before buying it.

How can I know the improvements that have been made to a concrete bike?

In all product sheets we detail the tuning that has been made to the bicycle in question and, if you had any aesthetic defect, we also specify it. So you can know the bicycle in depth even before buying it.