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Cetelem one of the best 100% online financing solutions

That makes us different?
You can finance 100% of your purchase.
No card (we do not need to provide data from any of your cards).
The first receipt will not pay until next month.

Immediate financing if you already have Cetelem credit line

What is Cetelem?Cetelem belongs to the BNP Paribas Group and since 1988 we are specialists in the granting of consumer loans. We are a company specialized in the granting of consumer loans, online credit and cards, belonging since 1988 to the BNP Paribas Group.

What documentation do I need to finance?If you are already a Cetelem client and you have a credit line with us, you will just need to accept your financing by entering a PIN code that we will send to your mobile phone without filling forms or sending documentation.
If you are a new Cetelem customer or you do not have a credit line with us, the documents that we will need for your part are:
DNI on both sides or residence card (in the case of resident foreigners, we will also need the official identity document of your signed country or passport in force).
JUSTIFY OF INCOME (last payroll in the case of being wage earner, last income statement if you work as an autonomous, or a letter of revaluation of the pension if you are a pensioner).
First page of the bank book or a domiciled receipt where the Code Iran and the account holder, who will have to be the same person who is requesting the financing.

What is the amount I can finance?Minimum amount to be financed ≥ 90 € and minimum monthlyness ≥ € 12. We do not have established a maximum amount to be financed, but we are very committed to granting a responsible loan adapted to the needs of each client.
When do I start paying my financing?
The first receipt will be processed to your bank account on the 5th of the month following the realization of the financing. If the financing is made between the 25th and 31st, the first receipt will be issued on the 5th of the 2nd month in which the financing was made.
In case of having any questions, how can I contact Cetelem?
You can make your queries through the chat that appears during the financing process, if you prefer 917 90 97 38 or through our email

What is the process I have to continue to finance my purchase?The process is very simple:
Choose the products you want to buy on the web.
Once in the cart, choose the payment mode "Financing with Cetelem."
Next you will be aimed at our financing process, where you can make financing in very few steps and 100% online:
If you are a Cetelem client and you already have a credit line, you will only need to accept your financing by introducing a PIN code that we will send you by SMS to your mobile.
If you do not have a credit line or you are a new customer, you can finance your purchase in less than you expect. You will only need to attach the documentation you have detailed in point two: What documentation do I need to finance?

Do you need more information about Cetelem products?You can learn more about our products at

Postpone me

Buy now and pay later with postpone meThat nothing prevents you from enjoying the bicycle of your dreams. Buy when you need and pay it later. Choose the formula to pay later that it comes best. With applaud me it is as simple how to do it with your usual card.
You can finance purchases up to € 6,000.
Decide how you want to pay up to 36 installments.
100% online financing and it will take less than a minute
As of January 16, 2023 T.A.E of 16.40% in those purchases made through the store.
Check out of dates.

What is postpon to me?Play me is a payment method for your purchases.
We give you up to € 6,000 to buy in Tuvalum and return them up to 36 months. No documentation or paperwork. We will only ask you for a pair of personal data. You tell us the number of months you want to pay and the day you want to do it. We show you interest and confirm your credit in seconds.
In postponement we have the robustness and liquidity necessary to offer financing to our clients, since we are part of Wizink Bank.
Wizink is a digital bank expert in credit cycle management, which seeks to lead the digital consumption financing market in Spain and Portugal.
The Wizink Group offers its customers various digital, agile, simple and transparent consumption financing solutions. In addition, it has a growing business of savings products. It is supervised and regulated by both Banco de España and Banco de Portugal.

What documentation do I need to finance?The system will request that your identification document (ID or NIE) attach.
To comply with the law of money laundering, being an entity regulated by the Bank of Spain, we need to identify our clients through the contribution in the form of their identification document, well ID , as appropriate.

How does it work to me inside the store?We appear as a payment method available within the options in the checkout of a trade.
By selecting postponeme we will request information to evaluate your request and give you an answer to the moment.

How do you contact customer service?Get in touch with our customer service team at the email
We help you from Monday to Sunday from 9 p.m.

Do you need more information about postpone me?You can learn more about our products at

What is the process I have to continue to finance my purchase?The process is very simple:
Choose the products you want to buy on the web.
Once in the cart, choose the "postpone me" payment mode.
You will then be aimed at our financing process, where you can make financing in very few steps and 100% online.


3x 4x Oney | Payment postponed with your bank cardWith 3x 4x Oney you will be able to pay your purchases in several deadly deadlines with the card you choose. You only pay the first quota at the moment and the rest, in the number of deadlines you prefer. That easy!
- You choose which card (debit or credit) you want to pay
- Apply your payments in 3x / 4x / 6x / 10x / 12x installments
- Make all your efforts from your client area
- Finish your purchase with 3x 4x ONY

1. General characteristics3X 4X ONCEY is a payment method that allows the purchase in installments offered by ONLEY FINANCIAL SERVICES EFC, SAU FINANCIAL ENTITY registered and supervised by the Bank of Spain with number 8814.
With 3x 4x Oney you can pay your purchase in 3, 4, 6, 10 or 12 deadlines with your card from an amount of € 60 and to € 2,500 (consult the deadlines and amounts enabled in each trade).
All payments will be made periodically on your card. Keep in mind that the first payment will be made at the same time of purchase. Valid for visa or mastercard cards, debit or credit, with a validity date greater than the duration of the selected financing modality. For example, if you request six months financing, the expiration date of your card may not be less than six months. We do not admit prepaid cards, virtual or American express.

2. How does financing with 3x 4x Oney work?- On the trade payment media page select “Finance my purchase with 3x 4x ONY”.
- Below is the form in which you can consult the summary of your order and detailed information on financing.
- Select the number of quotas you want to pay.
- Validate and/or fill your personal data.
- Read and accept the terms and conditions by selecting the corresponding box. By selecting "I accept the terms and conditions" and click on "Send" you will recognize knowledge of the general conditions and the payment conditions, which constitutes the acceptance of them. All Finacinations are subject to the study and approval of ONY.
- Then enter your bank card data to make the first payment and finish the operation (keep in mind that we do not store any bank data).
- We will save your contract and send you by email a copy of the general and particular conditions as well as a summary of the financing operation.

3. Economic conditions and representative examplesIn Tuvalum you will find the following types of financing, depending on different promotional campaigns that may arise (always clearly indicated on the web):
Financing where only an amount will be charged for management expenses on the total purchase. These management expenses will be charged in the first payment in full.

Example of financing for purchase of € 300 in 6x, with 3%management expenses:
- Order amount: € 300
- First payment: € 59
- Rest payments: 5 payments of € 50
- Total amount owed: € 309 (including management expenses of € 9. tin 0% Tae 15.87%)

4. ContactFor any consultation related to financing you can contact us in thisform.


Buy now and pay later with ScalapayChoose what you like and pay it little by little
An innovative payment method with which you can get the things you like and pay them calmly. Buy when you need and pay it later. Without interest. Choose the formula to pay later that it comes best. With Scalapay it is as simple how to do it with your usual card.
You can finance purchases up to € 3,000.
Decide how you want to pay in 3 or 4 installments.
100% online financing and it will take less than a minute

How does Scalapay work?Scalapay is an innovative payment form that allows customers to buy in physical and online stores, receive the products immediately and pay in up to 4 comfortable deadlines with a monthly deadline.
The service does not have additional charges for the customer if the deadlines are paid before the deadline.
At the time of purchase, the first term will be loaded immediately (equivalent to one third or a quarter of the total purchase value). The next 2-3 deadlines will be charged monthly.
First term: at the time of purchase
Second term: 1 month after the day of the purchase
Third and last term: 2 month after the day of purchase

Scalapay immediately pays the seller the total amount of the order and assumes all the risks of fraud and default.

How much does Scalapay cost?Scalapay is completely free for those who make purchases, provided that the fees are paid within the agreed deadline.
You will only be charged for a backward payment if one or more of the planned fees are not paid before the deadline.
Scalapay will remind you a few days before the deadline of each quota through SMS and by email.

Late payment commissionsIf you have not made the payment before the deadline and the automatic payment is not made correctly, you will have 24 hours to complete the payment. If this does not happen, Scalapay will charge you a backward payment rate as explained below:
Payment made before the expiration date: Without any position!
Delay in payment of more than 24 hours: 1.20 Eur Additional charge
Delay in payment of more than 9 days: 1.20 Eur of additional costs (in addition to the previous position)
The total cost of the commissions will not exceed 15 % of the total value of the order (second and third share). We are aware that certain situations can occur that do not allow payments to be made on time. If you think your case enters this category, send an email to before the payment deadline and we will do our best to help you.

How much can I buy with Scalapay?Your purchase power depends on several factors. These include: the store where you are buying, the type of card you are using, if you already made a purchase with Scalapay and canceled your previous purchases without delay.
If you are a new customer and you have never made a purchase with Scalapay, your purchase power could be limited and increase the more you buy with Scalapay without any delay in payment.
Remember that:
Your purchase power does not depend on your card credit.
Scalapay does not use external sources to evaluate the solvency of each client.
Scalapay cannot offer detailed information on the purchase power of a single customer.

What is the deadline for 3 or 4 deadlines?At the time of purchase, the first term will be immediately charged (equivalent to one third of the total purchase value). The next 2 deadlines will be charged monthly.
First term: at the time of purchase
Second term: 1 month after the day of the purchase
Third and last term: 2-3 months after the day of the purchase
Each period will be automatically charged on your predefined card on the day of the deadline.

HelpCenter Scalapay


Millions of people trust PayPal to buy, sell and send money without sharing their financial information.Sell ​​and buy online or in personSelect PayPal during the payment process, so you will not have to enter your card information when you make a purchase. PayPal's protection helps you buy with confidence. You can also use PayPal to pay in person with QR codes.Add payment methods to your portfolioYour PayPal portfolio safely stores the information of your bank account, debit or credit card in a single place, you can choose your payment option in the blink of an eye.Pay in 3 -installing interest with PayPal (0%TAE)- Buy what you need, when you need it and divide your purchase into 3 interest without interest in thousands of online stores.- Without interest: pay in 3 terms has no interest or commissions.- versatile and flexible: you can easily pay your purchases in 3 deadlines over two months. In addition, the Paypal app allows you to see and manage your fees to pay. You also have the possibility to reimburse the payment of your quotas when you want and without additional costs.- Receive a quick online response. Your application is examined in real time, so you receive the answer in a few seconds.PayPal Buyer Protection ProgramPurchases that meet the requirements are covered by the PayPal buyer protection program when you do not receive what you bought or does not match your description.Pay in 3 terms "cannot be easier.- Select PayPal as a payment method at the end of your purchase.- You will see the option of "Pay in 3 terms", select it.- You will receive the answer in a few seconds.- Complete your purchase. Check your payment plan whenever you want in the PayPal app and in your account. The images are included for merely illustrative effects.How can I use the "pay in 3 dead" option?You just have to choose to pay with PayPal when you buy online. Access your PayPal account and you will see the "pay in 3 terms" option if both you and the purchase meet the requirements. If so, you can request "pay in 3 terms" in a couple of fast steps and obtain a decision in a few seconds; If approved, you can complete your purchase. We may carry out a consultation at a credit reference agency at the time of the application. In addition, we may have to provide information on how you manage the payment of deadlines to credit reference agencies. Thus, it is important that you are in a position to fulfill the payment of the deadlines and that you are quiet that they are assumed.What amount can I pay with "Pay in 3 terms"?"Pay in 3 terms" is available if your purchase meets the requirements and its amount is between € 30 and € 2000.Should we pay any commission to use "PayPal" 3 -term "?No, there are no commissions associated with "pays in 3 terms", nor commissions for late payment. However, keep in mind that "pays in 3 terms" is a loan that must be reimbursed, so you should consider whether you can deal with the quotas to avoid, for example, the possible impact on your credit history.Do I sign a contract with the seller or PayPal?If your "pay in 3 terms" is approved, you will formalize a contract with PayPal. This means that PayPal is the lender.Where can I see the amounts of my payments and the total amount I have to pay?Access your PayPal account, go to "pay in 3 deadlines", and then click on the "Pay in 3 Dead" Plan you want to consult. You can see the amounts of your previous payments in your "pay in 3 terms" activity. You can also see the amounts of the next payments by clicking on Show upcoming payments. The pending amount of payment is shown in "remaining".