All our bicycles have been reconditioned by the best mechanics and are guaranteed. Road, mountain, grave, e-bikes ... In Tuvalum you will enjoy second-hand bicycles as if they were new. Which one do you choose?

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Security and guarantees on each bicycle

We do not sell anything, each bicycle sold is carefully reviewed

by expert mechanics. And we also give you 12 months warranty.

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Second -hand bicycles, the first option
When it comes to buying a bicycle, many cyclists immediately think of acquiring a new one, directly from the store. However, the reality is that having the last model does not always mean better performance. Geometry, adjustments and components are more important than release a new picture or look the latest design. That is why a bicycle last year or several years ago can help you get your best version of how cyclist before the last model that has just come to the market. And that's why buying a reconditioned second -hand bicycle is an intelligent option.

Welcome to the world of second -hand bicycles reconditioned in Tuvalum, where you can find the bicycle of your dreams for a fraction of the price of a new one. Whether you are an experienced professional who seeks to improve his performance or a beginner who wants to join the cycling community, we have the perfect bicycle for you.

Why buy a bicycle in Tuvalum
In Tuvalum we believe that cycling is not only a sport or a hobby, but a way of life. It is a way of staying active, healthy and connected to nature and others. It is a way to explore new territories, challenge yourself and reach your best version as a cyclist and as a person. And it is also a way of contributing to a more sustainable world, reducing carbon emissions and promoting a form of leisure, sports and environmentally respectful transport.

But we also know that buying a new bicycle can be a discouraging task full of uncertainties, especially if you are not sure what you are looking for or what you can afford. You have to spend time traveling stores, compare models, budgets ... what if the bicycle you really need does not sell it in the stores of your town? What if there is waiting list for the bike model you want 6, 8 and up to 12 months? What if your budget does not allow you to access the level of equipment and components that you really need for your sporting needs and objectives?

An alternative is to look for second -hand bicycles on web pages and mobile applications of classified advertisements, but it is always a risk. How do you know that the bicycle they sell to you is not stolen? How do you know it is in good condition? And if at two months you discover that it has a fissure on the pedalier, a crack in the painting that has been camouflaged or a mechanical fault? Are you going to trust a stranger?

That is why we offer you a wide selection of second -hand bicycles reconditioned and certified by expert mechanics.

In Tuvalum we are specialists in reconditioned bicycles. But what exactly does that mean? A Reacondiconda bicycle is a second -hand bicycle that has been thoroughly inspected, tuning and certified by expert mechanics, ensuring that it is in perfect operating conditions and ready to mount.

With Tuvalum you can enjoy all the benefits of cycling without compromising your budget. You can save money, reduce waste and join a community of passionate and sustainable cyclists. You can have a bicycle of the best brands that has been inspected and reconditioned with the highest standards, and that comes with a unique guarantee system in the second hand sector. To get an idea, our mechanics guarantee that each reconditioned bicycle of Tuvalum meets the same technical standards of safety and quality of the components that the European Union requires new bicycles. You can also find inspiration, advice and support from our team of experts and other clients.

Advantages of buying a second -hand reconditioned bicycle
In Tuvalum we understand that buying a reconditioned second -hand bicycle can be an act of faith. After all, you are not buying a new and shiny bicycle just factory output. But what you are buying is a bicycle that has been carefully inspected, reconditioned and certified by experts to ensure that it is in the best operating conditions. And as you also save money and contribute to a lower load for the planet, it is the smartest option.

These are some of the advantages of buying a bicycle in Tuvalum:

We recondition all bicycles
Each bicycle carries the Tuvalum certified label, which guarantees that it has overcome the most complete inspection and meets the highest market standards. Our mechanic equipment carefully checks every detail of the bicycle, from the frame to the transmission, to ensure that it is in perfect operating conditions. We are very demanding and if a bicycle does not pass our inspection, we do not sell it.

Repurchase guarantee
In Tuvalum we offer you a unique level of trust and guarantees in the second -hand sector. All our bicycles are delivered with 12 months warranty, so that you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are covered before any problem. Our guarantee covers everything except breaks due to accident, the wear you make and the breakdowns caused by a misuse of the bike or inappropriate maintenance. We are convinced that you are going to fall in love with the bicycle you buy in Tuvalum, but if that does not happen you have 15 days to return it and we will help you find another that fits your preferences. You also have our exclusive repurchase guarantee, an exclusive program that allows you to deliver your bicycle at any time during the 18 months after your purchase to change it for another of our catalog.

Cost savings
This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of buying a reconditioned bicycle in Tuvalum. As they are second -hand bicycles, its price is usually significantly lower than that of the new ones, usually between 30% and 70% with respect to buying it new. This facilitates that you can get a high -end bicycle, mounted a higher level change group with better components than if you buy it new in a store. In this way you get a bicycle that has been inspected and reconditioned thoroughly by a fraction of the price of a new bicycle. This means that you can invest in a higher quality bicycle than you could buy new.

Environmental sustainability
When buying a second -hand bike reconditioned, you not only save money, but also reduce waste. Bicycles are very respectful of the environment, since they do not emit greenhouse gases during use. But reconditioned bicycles go one step further, since they prevent them from ending up in the landfills or that it is necessary to make a new one, which ultimately reduces the carbon footprint.

Types of reconditioned bicycles
Choosing the perfect bicycle can be a discouraging task, especially if you are new in the world of cycling or if you are not sure what you are looking for. But in Tuvalum we want the process to be as easy and pleasant as possible.

We have a lot of bicycles for sale. All have been reviewed and reconditioned by expert mechanics, which guarantees that they are in the best conditions and ready to roll. Use our search filters and sail between our categories pages and you will see that we have everything. From the most generic categories, such as road bicycles, mountain bicycles, serious bicycles, triathlon bicycles or electric bicycles, to more specific ones depending on the geometry and use modality: Country cross bicycles, trail bicycles, bicycles of bicycles, bicycles Enduro, Biciclets of great background, climbing bicycles, Aero Bicycles ... We also have women's bicycles!

Road bicycles
Road bicycles are designed to offer speed and efficiency on the asphalt. They have light, narrow tires and low handle. They are perfect to make long distances routes, train and compete in races and enjoy curves and slopes on mountain roads.

Mountain bikes
Mountain bicycles are designed for off -road adventures and injured land. Normally they are equipped with suspension forks or double cushioning. They are perfect for Cross-Country, Trail, Enduro and Freeride.

Gravel bicycles
GraveL bicycles are designed to circulate on mixed surfaces, from asphalt sections with irregular profile to earth paths. They have versatile paintings, wider covers than road bicycles and lower handlebars. They are perfect to roll by forest tracks, practice adventure cycling and bikepacking.

Electric bikes
Electric bicycles are the last great cycling revolution. It is not simply traditional bicycles to which an electric motor has been attached, but forms their own category, with their own geometries of picture and modalities of use. You can find mountain, road and urban bicycles. They are very practical for your travels in the city, to continue enjoying long routes in grupeta when the passage of age is noted on the legs and to squeeze new sensations in technical paths and enduro routes.

Tips for choosing a bicycle
Here you have a complete guide on how to choose the bicycle that best suits your needs and preferences:

Be clear about the type of use and routes that you will make
Before starting to navigate our bicycle selection, it is important to determine the use and type of routes you want to do with it. Are you looking for an efficient, fast or comfortable bicycle? Are you looking for a versatile or specialized bicycle? Knowing your sporting needs and objectives is essential to find the bicycle that really fits with what you are looking for. If you have questions, ask us, our team will be happy to help you in what you need. We can even make a personalized selection of bicycles to your measure! Contact us.

Know your bicycle size
One of the most important factors when choosing a bicycle is size and adjustment. A bicycle too big or too small can make driving experience uncomfortable and even dangerous. Be sure to know your height and crotch measures and share them with our bicycle sizes guide to find the right adjustment.

Choose the appropriate components
Not all bicycles, even of the same model, are the same. Some elements make a difference in terms of comfort, efficiency and performance. For example, carbon wheels, transmission development, suspensions ... Depending on the type of routes and cycling that you are going to need a level of components or others. For example, if you are looking for a mountain bicycle to roll through technical paths and enduro circuits it is recommended that you choose a broader suspension route than if you simply want to give quiet walks through forest tracks without great slope.

The most popular brands
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