Selling your bicycle has never been so easy

We make you an offer for your bicycle within a period of 24 hours working and we help you avoid frustration, renegotiation and waste of time.

Advantages of selling in Tuvalum

Valuation and sale in 24 hours

With Tuvalum you can sell your bicicleta without moving from home. All you have to do is fill out our form and we will send you a final offer. Easy, fast and 100% secure.

No bargaining

Neither will we bother you to show us the bike nor will we call you after three months to tell you we discovered a scratch. We want to make it easy for you.

We take care of everything

We handle the whole process so you don't have to worry. We ship the packaging to your home, pick up the bike, and once we verify everything is okay, we will send you payment within 3 business days.

Get your new bike with the Renove Plan

If you prefer to return your old bicicleta to buy a new one, you can do so in Tuvalum as well. You will only have to pay the remaining amount and that's it!

Road and Mountain Bicycles
  • Year bicycles of the 2017 or later model.
  • Table and intact components.
  • An original PVP greater than € 1,500.
E-bikes of road, mountain and hybrids
  • Model bicycles of the year 2020 or later.
  • Brand electric bicycles.
  • Engine and battery in operation.
  • Kilometer less than 3,000.
  • An original PVP greater than € 2,500.
Triathlon bicycles, cyclocross and grave
  • Year bicycles of the 2016 or more recent model.
  • No bicycles equipped with tubular wheels are admitted.
  • An original PVP greater than € 1,500.
We do not buy
  • BMX or children's bicycles.
  • Walk or family bicycles.
  • Fixie bicycles, track or cargo type.
  • Replicas or bicycles with strong signs of wear.
What advantages does Tuvalum offer to sell my bicycle?

With us you can sell your bike totally online, without moving home and with the guarantee that you receive payment in your bank account. No one is going to bother you to show your bicycle, nor will they dizzy with ridiculous bargaining. Nor will anyone call you 3 months after the sale to tell you that he has discovered a scratch on the pedalier. With us in 48 hours you sell your bike and period.

Is the appraisal of my bicycle free?

Of course! The appraisal of your bicycle has no cost. Nor will you have to pay anything if you finally decide not to sell it.

Do I have to take the bicycle somewhere?

With us you don't need to move home. We take care of collecting the bicycle at your home in a completely free way. But if you prefer, you can also deliver it personally at our Valencia facilities, in the Duc de Gaeta Street, 21, Bajo, Valencia, next to Avenida del Puerto.

Can I sell any type of bicycle?

No. In Tuvalum we buy sports use bicycles of medium ranges, medium-high and high road, mountain, triathlon, grave and electric bicycles with less than 6 years old. We do not accept BMX type bicycles, walking, children, fixies, track, position, replicas or falsifications.

Can I use my bicycle as part of payment to buy another in Tuvalum?

Of course! With our renove plan we can assess your bike as an entrance so you can get another of our website. In this way we help you change the bicycle you have for the one you really want.

How does the sales process work?

It is very simple: 1- Complete the sales form on our website. Our experts will appraise your bicycle and, if it meets our standards, we will send you a firm purchase offer. 2- Once the sale is accepted, you will receive a sale contract that you can sign from your mobile phone or your computer. 3- We collect the bicycle at your home - we send your house for free all the necessary packaging material - and we will review it on our lip to verify that its characteristics and status fit with the data in your form or you can deliver it in our facilities in the Duc de Gaeta Street, 21, Bajo, Valencia, next to Avenida del Puerto. 4- Once this check we transfer

Is Tuvalum who buys the bicycle?

Yes. We bought it directly to you. Thus you avoid unpleasant surprises, negotiations with strangers and intermediaries.

What documents do I need to sell my bicycle?

For your tranquility and security, all sales are made by means of a purchase contract and we will ask for a copy of your valid ID. It is essential that the bicycle has the visible serial number, so that we verify that it is not a stolen bicycle. In the event that this number is not readable, we will ask you for a documentary evidence that you are the owner of the bicycle, such as a copy of the original purchase invoice or the manufacturer's guarantee record.

Can I sell a bicycle in any state?

No. We only buy bicycles that are cared for and in good condition. Do not worry, we accept that they have use brands of a bicycle that has been used, but we do not accept bicycles with cracks or fissures in the box, with abolish or structural blows, with the repaired carbon, with the repainted picture, or with marks oxide. Nor do we accept bicycles whose transmission, brakes and suspensions do not work correctly or have excessive wear.

Do you have any doubt?

We are proud to offer exceptional customer service. Read ours frequent questions (link) And get in touch with our team if you have more doubts.

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Do you want to deliver it to our store?

Come meet our team and deliver the bicycle in our store. We are very close to Avenida del Puerto, in Valencia, in C/ DUC de Gaeta 23, Bajo, 46022, Valencia.

The schedule of attention is from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

If you prefer to arrange an appointment and/or deliver it at another time, please write to Or give us a call. We will wait for you.

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