Marking the rhythm to sustainability

The current production model

of bicycles and resource management to manufacture them seeks to enhance short -term consumption and is taking the planet to an unsustainable situation.

And this must come to an end. We cannot continue using and pulling to infinity because we are exhausting our natural resources.

Getting challenges should not be at odds with being responsible. Our model is based on the circular economy and extending the useful life of bicycles.

Our planet is our only home and we believe in a new model of society that uses and optimizes materials and waste, giving them a second life.

The reuse of bicycles implies a relief for nature and allows sustainable development, thanks to the design of bicycles, from the first piece to the last one can be reused or recycled once their useful life is over.

In nature there are no garbage or landfills: all elements fulfill a function continuously and are reused for use in different stages.

Manufacture, use and throw? No, reduce, reuse and recycle

The circular economy is the basis of our project, every time you buy or sell a second -hand bicycle, it implies these benefits:

Extends the useful life of products

The circular economy makes it possible to extend the useful life of products and give them a second life.

Protect the environment

Reduces emissions, minimizes consumption of natural resources, and reduces waste generation.

Promotes the social economy

Promotes production models based on peer exchange.

Avoid the generation of new waste

Extending the life cycle of products facilitates repair, reuse, and remanufacturing.

Sustainability memory

Our mechanics experts check each bicycle we sell to check their status. We put a tuning and take it home. We leave you as fun, think about the next great challenge you will do with her.

  • We review and recondition each bicycle available on our platform

  • Return and repurchase guarantee

  • You can finance your purchase and pay in installments