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What to do in case of suffering an accident with the bicycle

What to do in case of suffering an accident with the bicycle

Assembly is a healthy activity, does not emit greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, avoids traffic jams in the city and does not force to turn the streets in search of parking. And, above all, we are passionate. However, the bicycle still has its Achilles heel in the accident rate it represents. Between 2009 and 2015, the number of accidents in which there were cyclists involved was multiplied by two. In large part, for the increase in use in city and because its use to move to work goes more. But also because the coexistence between cars and bicycles on the roads remains a pending signature and unfortunately they continue to be submerged to cyclists. Between those same years (2009 and 2015) the number of injured by accidents with cyclists who had to be treated in the hospital went from 489 to 652. Six out of ten of them had not committed any infraction. The abuses by motor vehicles take the palm among the causes of claims in which cyclists are affected. The bicycle is statistically a safe means, but before these figures it is advisable to know what to do in case of having an accident with the bicycle. Although we want you to never see yourself in such a situation, here we show you a small guide with the actions that we recommend to carry out:

If you have suffered an accident and you have insurance

cycling accident Before contacting your insurance company and doing any part, it is advisable to follow a series of previous steps. Obviously, as long as you do not require urgent health care.

1- Do a quick evaluation of the damages suffered

If the accident has caused injuries of any kind, in you or other people, it evaluates its scope to contact medical care services. If you know him, launch the PAS protocol (protect, warn and help), a measure that contributes greatly to lessen the damage suffered by those who have suffered a sinister and, in the case of serious injuries, may even mean that they save their lives.

2- It gives part of the accident to the Civil Guard or the Police and the Emergency Health Services

In Spain, most accidents suffered by cyclists are caused by motor vehicles that are overwhelming them. When any accident occurs, but even more so if there are injuries, State security forces and bodies should be informed, that will raise a crowded of what happened. It facilitates all the data that is requested to you, such as the registration of the other vehicle, the model and color, the circumstances of the accident, etc. As for emergency health services, if we are treated right there We will receive a medical report that we must keep and in which the damages or injuries we have suffered are reflected. If they transfer us to a center of attention, such as a hospital, they will submit to several tests to determine the scope of the injuries and we will also receive the aforementioned medical report.

3- Get all possible information about the accident

The more information about how the accident has occurred and on the other party involved you can obtain, the better guarantees you will have before the law. Try to obtain complete information from the other person; Names and surnames, vehicle and brand model, registration, insurance company, etc. Although the official report will reflect all this, You can ask for contact data to possible witnesses of the incident and even take images that validate and support your version of what has happened and in which branches can be appreciated on the ground, broken urban furniture, etc.

3- Contact your insurance company

If you have a bicycle insurance, immediately contact the insurance company to indicate what has happened. It will offer you an advice on all the steps that you owe legal from that moment. If you are not responsible for the incident, Go to the company to ensure the vehicle that has caused it. This will request the medical documentation and, in some cases, you will have to undergo the evaluation of its health care services. Companies offer a compensatory amount for those damages, that we can accept or not depending on what we consider. In any case, remember that you can always ask for a private report that we would pay in our position or a report from the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences. From here you can negotiate again to reach an agreement or directly go to trial, which is the most frequent. Remember that if we suffer an accident while we circulate on our bicycle we can not only claim compensation for the physical damage suffered, but also It is lawful to request compensation for breakage or damages in material goods, like the bicycle, our clothes and any of the accessories we had and that have been damaged. Do not forget that if you are federated as a cyclist, you have civil liability insurance.

If you have suffered an accident and you have no insurance

Wounded cyclist calling by phone In relation to the previous case, in which we do have insurance, we must follow the same indications regarding the evaluation of the damages suffered, implement the PAS protocol and notify both health services and the Civil Guard or the Police . Do not have bicycle insurance means that, in the event that you are the culprit of the incident, You will be responsible for the damage causeds. That means that you will have to face the payment of compensation that compensates for those damages. Your home insurance may cover both compensation and your responsibility before third parties, since this type of insurance offers family or private civil liability, therefore it is essential that you contact him to know in detail if you can welcome you to any policy. The company with which you have secured your home can provide you with a legal assistance service That it will be very useful, although it is advisable to request a second opinion from an external lawyer, to look directly for your interests and leave aside those of the company. Keep in mind that the housing you have insured must be your usual and main place of residence to welcome yourself to civil liability coverage. If you want more information about the consequences of not having a bicycle insurance in case of an accident, check out this post: What happens if I have a bike accident and I am not insured?
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