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Welcome to the world of semi-Fat Bikes; so are the wheels 27.5 "plus

Welcome to the world of semi-Fat Bikes; so are the wheels 27.5 "plus

If we thought that with the wheels of 26 ”, 27.5” and 29 ”we had all the possibilities in terms of wheel format, we were wrong. Have you heard of the 27.5 "plus? It is not really a new wheel measure, but A variant of 27.5 " That, with a greater width they reach the size of the 29 ”although with an immediately lower standard ring. These are wheels with the well -known 650b measure, but this time with a major wheel ball, so it is expected as a measure in which the Fatbikes and 27.5 ". Hence, in some circles they know them as semi-fat either Mid-Fat. While this measure can probably be mounted in our 27.5 ”or 29” box, it seems that Manufacture specific components and pictures, such as bushings, forks or frames with adapted geometry. This adapted geometry will appreciate it in wider wheel steps. Or to say the tires, which are expected to be manufactured with a broader internal channel, from 40mm, in order to house Balons tires around 3.0 ". With these measures, a diameter similar to that of the 29 ”is achieved, although this time with a much larger air volume. The main drivers of this new measure are the Mountain Rocky Bicycle Manufacturer and the WTB tire manufacturer, together with other brands such as Trek that seem interested in continuing this format designing new models with specific geometry. From the emergence of the 29 ”and its consolidation, the market is agitated, Manufacturers open the range of possibilities with numerous innovations And bikers seem not enough. What will be next?
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