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We invite you to run with your Mountain Bike by Sierra Espuña (Murcia)

We invite you to run with your Mountain Bike by Sierra Espuña (Murcia)

Mountain Bike View On January 21 and 28 we invite you to get on your mountain bicycle and enjoy kilometers and kilometers of paths in the Native Sierra Espuña (Murcia) place. Those days are held the first two tests of the BTT XCM Circuit Region of Murcia, both organized by the Santa Eulalia cycling club. On January 21, the III Marcha Villa de Aledo will be held in Aledo (Murcia). It is a medium difficulty test. The planned route is 40 kilometers alternating forest clues and paths in the natural environment of Sierra Espuña.
From Tuvalum We draw a free registration For this test. To participate, click here.
MTB cyclists On January 28 in La Santa (Totana), the second test of the Regional Murcian circuit will take place. This is the XII Domingo Pelegrín memorial. The race will also run through the Sierra Espuña natural place. On this occasion the layout is 48 kilometers, with the paths as protagonists.
If you like a free inscription To participate in this test, click here.
Cyclists through the field In both tests there will be trophies for the first 3 classified of each category, according to the regulation of the BTT XCM Regióin Circuit of Murcia. In addition, the organization will also invite all participants to a coexistence meal.
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