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This Valentí Sanjuan bicycle can be yours!

This Valentí Sanjuan bicycle can be yours!

[video width = "1920" height = "1080" mp4 = "https://tuvalum.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Valentí-sanjuan-audio-.mp4"][/video] If you practice triathlon, you will know how hard a Ironman is to complete. If you don't know what it consists of, it is a test in which you have to complete 3.8 kilometers swimming, 180 kilometers by bicycle and a marathon on foot ... on the same day! Now think of the following challenge: would you be able to make 10 consecutive Ironman in 10 days? Well, that was what was proposed in September 2017 Valentí Sanjuan. There is nothing: more than 30 kilometers swimming, 1,800 pedaling and 420 to the race in 10 stages followed from Cádiz to Barcelona. And he completed it. The bicycle he used for the challenge was a Cannondale slice that can now be yours through Tuvalum. Incidentally, you will contribute to the social action that Valentí wants to promote with the promotion of his bicycle on Tuvalum.com.
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