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This is The Yak Attack: a MTB test in Nepal with 12,000 meters of accumulated slope

This is The Yak Attack: a MTB test in Nepal with 12,000 meters of accumulated slope

If you are looking for a mountain bike test that tests your ability to pedal in high mountain, you may be interested in knowing The Yak Attack. Its organizers define it as "The biggest event of Mountain Bike from the earth". If you are wondering if this description really adjusts to what it promises, here are some data. The Yak Attack It is celebrated in Nepal, the most mountainous country in the world, with eight peaks that exceed 8,000 meters of altitude. In fact, the challenge of its founders was precisely to organize the mountain cycling test with the greatest accumulated slope in the rise of the international cycling calendar. In total they are 12,000 meters of total slope distributed in 8 stages and 400 kilometers. The temperatures range that bikers have to support during the 8 days of competition range between 30 degrees and -15 degrees, alternating extreme heat and cold conditions With large variations of moisture in the environment, reaching a maximum altitude above 5,000 meters. The first edition took place in 2007, and a few adventurers participated in it. Currently, to participate in it You have to pay more than 3,000 euros for registration fee. The next edition of The Yak Attack will take place next November, although before lovers to extreme MTB can participate in two other tests organized by the creators of the race in Nepal: Rumble in the Jungle and The Alpac Attack. Rumble in the Jungle is a mountain bike test that took to roll in 2014 as a complement to the high -rise challenge of The Jak Attack. It is celebrated on the island of Sri Lanka, between the heat and the high humidity of the jungle and the bikers must face the torrential rains, the mud, the rocks, the sand and the sun. Even From time to time they are on the way elephants, leopards and snakes. The accumulated slope during the 4 stages that the test lasts is 7,000 meters. Registration costs more than 1,000 euros and the 2015 edition will take place next June. Before the appointment in the mountain range of Sri Lanka, the organizers are scheduled for a new mountain bicycle event in April. They have baptized him as The Alpac Attack and follows the same philosophy as the two previous tests: adventure between mountain roads, accumulating kilometers and kilometers of unevenness. In this case, the challenge is celebrated in Patagonia, with a 700 -kilometer route distributed in 6 stages and a total slope of 10,000 meters. The registration fee exceeds 2,000 euros. These three challenges on three continents expand the International Mountain Bike Testing Calendar. Are you prepared to participate in them? If you need one Mountain bike To roll in these and other races, in Tuvalum you can get it.
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