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This is the new SAM Red ETAP group: a wireless change system inspired by formula one

This is the new SAM Red ETAP group: a wireless change system inspired by formula one

It is wireless, it is presented as the fastest market change system and is inspired by the marches systems used by Formula One cars. This is the presentation card of the new SAM Red ETAP group, equipped with Wireless technology and for the that the manufacturer SRAM has needed five years of development before seeing the light. Five years of development? Brian Jordan, SRAM Development Director, explains why: "We wanted a company that makes combat aircraft control levers "(see source). The new SRAM Red ETAP group eliminates the need to transmit the orders of change from the handles to the deviators through the cable. Use wireless technology. The greatest advantage that it provides is that, if the drive of a failure fails, it is enough to press the lever to restore the connection, while with a change via cable this would not be possible and it is necessary to review the operation manually for Know where the connection is failing.

Wireless, but without bluetooth or wifi

Seeing that it is a wireless system, one might think that the SAM Red ETAP group uses Bluetooth technology to send the data between the different components that compose it. It is not like this. Neither Bluetoth, neither wifi nor infrared. The SRAM Red Stap group uses a new protocol called Airea. In their design, experts in encryption and computer pirates have worked. According to the manufacturer, use a 128 -bit encryption safer than that of ATMs. In addition, the range of range is 100 meters. That is, you can remove the handlebar change, acting them from 100 meters and the divers would continue to function. But you can be calm that the handles of another triathlete will not act the change of your bicycle. Each handle game can only be associated with a front and other rear diverter.

SAM Red ETAP Group

Interchangeable batteries

Each part of the group has a rechargeable battery and all the pieces communicate with each other through a control control that SRAM calls Blipbox. It is totally configurable and controls the wireless signal of change. Do you need it faster? Just by tightening a button you transform the speed of change of your bicycle depending on the needs at each stage, training or test. The batteries of each component can also be exchanged with each other. This allows, if for example you run out of battery in the rear diversion during a journey, you can put the front divert battery. How long do the batteries last? The SAM Red ETAP group integrates an accelerometer in each component, so that if it detects that it is stopped for 30 seconds, the battery activity stops. A simple vibration activates them again. According to the analysis they have performed at bikerumor.com, it is advisable to remove them if you are going to take the travel bicycle, since the vibrations during the journey would maintain the 'wake up' batteries and, therefore, consuming energy. SAM Battery Red ETAP SRAM says that the autonomy of the batteries is 60 hours, which is approximately 1,000 kilometers, according to manufacturer's data. The load time is 45 minutes. The SRAM Red ETAP group has already been tested during the last Tour of France by the AG2R team, although it will not predictably will not reach the market until 2016.
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