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This is a bicycle decrease in an active volcano

This is a bicycle decrease in an active volcano

Steve Smith is a cyclist specialized in extreme descents. He has two medals in the world championship in his record, he was second in the International UCI ranking in 2013 and has made several challenges for commercial brands. The last one has been to travel to Japan and descend with his bicycle on the slope of an active volcano, specifically Mount Oyama, on the island of Miyake. To carry out the challenge he had to ask the Japanese authorities permission, since access to the public is closed since the last eruption of the volcano in 2000, which forced to evict the island for almost five years. Every morning, the workers and scientists responsible for monitoring the volcano measure the level of sulfur emanations and other toxic gases and warn by a speakers system the inhabitants of the island in anticipation that they have to be evicted again, according to in Fogonazos. In the video of the descent of Steve Smith with its mountain bike, the damage caused by the last eruption of the volcano: burned trees, virtually no trace of vegetation and accumulated lava remains can be observed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHja0X1AsLE
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