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This bicycle is made of a aging wood whiskey

This bicycle is made of a aging wood whiskey

Aluminum and carbon are the most common materials with which bicycle frames are manufactured. But are not the only ones. There are brands that have specialized in making paintings from more exotic elements such as bamboo, or chromium.

One of them is Renovo, which from its factory in Oregon manufactures artisanal paintings made with wood. According to the brand itself, the wood offers unique qualities of lightness, elasticity and flexion.

What is also unique is your last bicycle. It is nothing less than the first bicycle in the world made of whiskey barrel wood. To carry out this Renovo model, it has had the collaboration of the Scottish Glenmarangie distillery.

Each of these bicycles, limited and numbered, contains 15 barrels of barrels that have served to age whiskey. In addition, its design respects the curvature of each of the barrel tables.

The original renovo bicycle can be acquired with the Shimano Ultegra 6800 group or with the Shimano Dura electronic group from 6,950 dollars. Its weight does not exceed 8 kilos.

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