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These glasses intend to revolutionize your cycling and triathlon training

These glasses intend to revolutionize your cycling and triathlon training

Digital technology has greatly facilitated the way to measure its performance in competitions and training to triathletes and cyclists. Thanks to mobile applications and the development of Wearable and GPS It is possible to know in real time the speed, the cadence of pedaling, the average rhythm, the pulsations, the elevation of the land or the route to follow With taking a look at the mobile screen, the clock or the device that is fixed in the handlebar. There are those who have taken this concept further. What if all these measurements could be integrated into cycling glasses, so that it was not necessary to remove the mobile from the pocket or raise the handle of the handlebar to look at the clock? A simple gesture with the pupil and a voice order would be enough to know at all times parameters such as speed, pedaling power or kilometers traveled. In other words, what would it be like to apply the same technology that Google Glass use to the field of cycling and triathlon? Because that is the proposal of Recon Jet, Smart glasses that are linked to different applications and peripherals to monitor all the activity during training or competition. In this way, the athlete can control in real time the key metrics of his performance simply with his eyes. The device weighs only 60 grams and its manufacturer has performed several tests with professional cyclists, such as the American George emphasis. Can you imagine that in the next Tour de France All cyclists will use it? http://vimeo.com/119882794
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