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These bicycles contribute to recycle lake garbage

These bicycles contribute to recycle lake garbage

In addition to providing a healthy lifestyle, moving by bicycle also contributes to the environment, saving CO2 emissions as a means of urban transport. But a company has wanted to go further the concept of sustainability on wheels and has achieved that The use of the bicycle, in addition to reducing emission of polluting gases, also contributes to increasing waste recycling In Nigeria. The project is called Wecyclers And he uses 75 people, 25 of whom travel the streets of Lakes on modified bicycles to which an adapted trailer has been incorporated with which collect waste that can be recycled directly in the home of the families paid to this service. Plastics, glass, containers and other waste are taken to a treatment plant where they are recycled. Since 2012, when the project was launched, More than 600 tons of garbage have been recycled thanks to the implementation of this bicycle collection system. Currently more than 6,500 families are paid to the service. For each kilo of recyclable material they deliver receive points that can be exchanged for food and other products. Wechclers estimates that its garbage collection system can soon reach more than 1 million families throughout Nigeria, thus contributing Reuse thousands of tons of waste that, otherwise, would end up in landfills. In this case, the bicycle fulfills a double function for the environment: on the one hand it contributes to promoting the culture of recycling in Africa, on the other Save greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere. All this with a pedal.
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