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There are more than one billion bicycles in the world

There are more than one billion bicycles in the world

bikes Every second 5 bicycles are manufactured in the world. That said the figure may not tell you much. It may be small, big or that you lack a reference with which to compare it. But if we take the annual car production as a reference, it is almost triple. Yes, for each car that comes to the market there are 3 new bicycles. In the last 50 years the bicycle industry has experienced growth like no other means of transport. In 1965 the production of cars and bicycles was practically the same: around 20 million units for each. In 2003 the manufacture of bicycles had multiplied by five, to exceed 100 million units produced. Meanwhile, cars stood at 42 million. And in the last 15 years this imbalance has been accentuated. Bicycle in the street This year more than 130 million bicycles will be sold in the world. You can consult it These statistics collected by Worldomethers, according to which there are more than one billion bicycles in circulation throughout the world. Half of them are in China. The Asian giant has experienced a curious contrast in recent years. On the one hand it is the main bicycle factory on the planet. More than 60% of the bicycles that occur in the world leave Chinese factories. The explanation is simple: many of the large cycling brands manufacture their paintings and components in China (86% of the bikes sold in the United States come from the Asian country). On the other hand, China is also one of the countries where the use of the bicycle has been reduced. For example, while in 1995 33% of urban displacements were bike, now this figure has fallen to 20%. What role does Spain occupy in this world bicycle ranking? According to the data collected by WorldOMetr, our country is in the 13th position, with almost 7 million bicycles in circulation. Tuvalum ad (Originally seen in Brujulabike)
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