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The Titan Extremadura Tour has an appointment this weekend in Hornachos

The Titan Extremadura Tour has an appointment this weekend in Hornachos

MTB biker The municipality of Hornachos, in Badajoz, will be this weekend one of the epicenters of cycling activity in our country. This Sunday, the Titan's Challenge Titan of the Magrera, the second of the five tests that make up the Titan Extremadura Circuit Mountain Cycling Tour. More than 600 bikers from all over Spain will take the exit. They stand out among them Paco Mancebo and Juan Pedro Trujillo, professionals of the Berria Factory team, and other outstanding cyclists such as the current champion of Javier Ramírez Bee, Alejandro Díaz de la Peña and Pedro Romero, of Extremadura Ecopilas. The titan challenge of the maguera is divided into three distances: Short march, marathon and ultramarathon. The first one has a 60 -kilometer route, with 1,100 meters of accumulated unevenness. The marathon category consists of 90 kilometers with 2,000 meters of unevenness. Finally, the journey of the ultramarathon distance is 130 kilometers with 3,000 meters of accumulated unevenness. MTB bikers One of the attractions of the test, in addition to the level of the participants, is the area in which it is celebrated. The municipality of Hornachos is located in the skirts of the Sierra Grande, under a steep area. The Titan Challenge of the Maguera runs through Livestock and Roman roads, with some small paths of loose stones, combining ups and downs and crossing pastures until facing the Magrera, a rock formation that rises in the Sierra Grande. Its impossible ramps and low traction will force the Bikers To be used thoroughly.
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