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The Titan Desert prepares a spectacular tour for its tenth edition

The Titan Desert prepares a spectacular tour for its tenth edition

The Desert Titan is one of the most hard MTB tests in the world. Every year it gathers hundreds of Bikers willing to test their 'goats' between the desert sands, mountain paths and extreme climatic conditions. This year the test celebrates its tenth anniversary, and to commemorate it, it has planned one of the most demanding routes in its history, with high mountain, desert, and journeys that will force participants to assert their navigation skills so as not to get lost. According to Manuel Tajada, technical director of the Titan Desert: "The tenth edition of the race will be spectacular. We have prepared very attractive, varied, demanding and exhausting days. In addition to the physical difficulty of performing 600 kilometers in 6 stages, the hardness of the test is increased with the navigation component, which forces the participants to take another step with respect to other races". The tenth Desert will begin on April 27 and will end on May 2 in Morocco. 600 participants will take exit, among which are some of the Bikers most prominent in the international panoramaL, as the Canadian Cory Wallace, winner of three editions of the Mongolia Bike Challenge and several stages in other adventure competitions on MTB such as the crocodile Trophy. http://youtu.be/GacJtAEwurk The hardness of the Titan Desert 2015 will be noticed from day one. The first stage will run through The high mountain of Mount Atlas, with strong accumulated slopes. A marathon stage is also planned for the third day, where Physiotherapists or mechanical will not be allowed, which will add an extra difficulty along the layout. From the fourth stage the Bikers They will face the sandy clues of the desert, with temperatures that could exceed 40 degrees. The Titan Desert also contemplates A special section of 3 kilometers crossing the desert dunes For the fifth day, thus adding an extra pedaling difficulty. In addition, in this fifth stage there will be no signaling, and it must be the participants who are oriented with the help of GPS to reach the goal. The Titan Desert 2015 initially provided for the celebration of A night stage, but finally the organization has ruled out because it could not guarantee the safety of the participants before the orography of the land.
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