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The Supreme Court returns the 2005 cycling return to Roberto Heras

The Supreme Court returns the 2005 cycling return to Roberto Heras

The Spanish cyclist Roberto Heras Who doesn't remember Roberto Heras? The Salamanca was one of the best climbers of the international squad between the end of the 1990s and the first years of the new millennium. Lance Armstrong's luxury gregario in the Tour de France and rows head in their assaults on Cyclist return to Spain, Ronda in which he made a podium during 7 consecutive editions and won 4 times: 2000, 2003, 2004 and 2005. His fourth victory in the Vuelta was a historic milestone, since never before a corridor had achieved four wins in the Spanish round. Until then, the record was held by the Swiss Tony Rominger, who had risen to the top of the podium three times. However, just two weeks after celebrating his fourth title, Roberto Heras was dispossessed of the victory after publishing he had given positive by EPO in the penultimate stage. This result was confirmed days later in counter -analysis. The Royal Spanish Cycling Federation sanctioned him with two years of inactivity and the cancellation of all individual results achieved in the cycling return to Spain 2005. This meant withdrawing the victory and giving it to Menchov. The two years of sanction passed to Heras, who, in the absence of offers to sign on Protour teams, decided to definitively retire from cycling and start a judicial battle for cleaning his name. "For me it is more important my personal and professional credit than to win a return. I am satisfied that it is recognized that things were not done well, that there were irregularities in the procedure that could alter the result. More than two years have passed and I continue Waiting for them to send me the tests of test B "Salamanca said at the end of 2007. In June 2011, the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla y León appreciated IRregularities in the process of taking samples and annulled the sanction that had been imposed on Heras. Both the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation and the Superior Sports Council filed a appeal to annul the Court's decision, but a year and a half later the Supreme Court dismissed it. Heras then presented a claim for the damages that had caused him to be sanctioned for two years without being able to compete, and that led him to any Protour team to signing his sanction. The last stage of the background race that Heras has maintained with justice has ended today. The Supreme Court has given a definitive folder to the matter giving the reason to the Salamanca cyclist and Judicially canceling the positive by EPO. Roberto Heras will be compensated by the State with 724,904 euros. It is again the only corridor in history that has won four cyclist laps to Spain.
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