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The return to the world (by bicycle) in 80 days

The return to the world (by bicycle) in 80 days

Mark Beaumont In the famous novel of Julio Verne, British Phileas Fogg opted with his colleagues from the London club reform that would be able to turn the world around 80 days. He did it using the train, the ship, the elephant, the steamboat and the sled as means of transport. Almost 150 years later -the novel was published in 1872 -another British has established a new world record by completing the return to the world in 78 days. And he has done his bicycle. Mark Beaumont He left Paris on July 2, 2017 with the aim of emulating Phileas Fogg. He planned to return to the same point in 80 days crossing Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. Finally he did it in less time than estimated. He used a total of 78 days, 14 hours and 40 minutes to travel no less than 30,000 kilometers by bicycle. During his trip, Beaumont pedaled 16 hours every day. The British cyclist pulverized the brand of Neozyre Andrew Nicholson, who held the record to turn the world around a bicycle since 2015, when it took 123 days. Photo: Mark Beaumont (Facebook)
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