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The Race proposes a points card to circulate by bicycle

The Race proposes a points card to circulate by bicycle

Some more than a year ago was the General Directorate of Traffic that announced that it was going to raise The possibility that all bicycles had to be enrolled and a circulation permit was needed to roll. Now it is the Race who recovers the idea and also proposes to extend the card card to the cyclists. And even need insurance! As this organism explains, it is necessary "a road coexistence plan for the car and the bicycle, where both users are taken into account. For this reason, it is proposed to study the possible viability of extending the card by points to the cyclists and force them to possession of insurance and registration. " The most striking of this idea is that it is part of the plan of measures proposed by the RACE in the face of the increase in the number of deaths due to abuses and road accidents. The technical director of Conbici.org -Platforma in defense of the use of the bicycle- has described the measure as "absolutely unfortunate", as stated Europa Press: "Where you have to take measures is not in the bikes, but in the cars that are the ones that create the danger." It should be noted that in no country in Europe there is anything similar, as stressed from Conbici: "It is absolutely unfortunate that an entity like the Race makes that proposal that is not valid in any country in the world." Is it really necessary to enroll a bicycle, have a dot card and mandatory insurance to pedal? What is your opinion?
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