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The best subjective cameras of the Tour de France

The best subjective cameras of the Tour de France

[embed] http://youtu.be/7c4igvsnwcs[/embed] Following the Tour of France from the road or through television broadcasts is an exciting experience. But nothing to do with experiencing the feeling of being inside the squad. Every day of the Gala GoPro round installs subjective cameras in a minimum of eight bicycles. Because television rights are exploited by other operators, the images are not disseminated live, but at the end of each stage the recordings are edited to elaborate videos published by both the organizing company of the Tour and GoPro through Your official YouTube channel. In the video that accompanies this article you can see a summary of the best images taken in the first 7 stages of the 2015 edition of the Tour de France. Give the play and enjoy the sensations that the race produces from within.
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