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Test: One year using a Canyon Exceed in XC and Marathon tests

Test: One year using a Canyon Exceed in XC and Marathon tests

When buying a high -end bike to participate in tests and marches, more and more cyclists prefer to bet on the double suspension instead of rigid classics for Cross country. In the last year I have used the Canyon Exceed As a personal bike for tests of all kinds: short, long, techniques ... And although many may criticize the fact of investing more than € 4,000 on a rigid bicycle, the truth is that it has behaved phenomenal. Both in uploads with broken ground, where traction could be a problem, and in trialeras with loose roots and stones. [IRP Posts = "1033" Name = "Rigid or double? The suspension dilemma on mountain bicycles"]] Jorge Bikineros with a Canyon Exceed These are my conclusions after one year using a Canyon Exceed SLX 9.0 for my marches and routes:

By tracks, trialeras and marathon tests

I released the bicycle in October 2018 with a lot of enthusiasm and several BTT marches on the horizon. But it has not been until 2019 when I began to get the juice. We start the season with a quick test and with little unevenness, based on paths and repencos, some very pronounced. I speak of the pure singletracks in Segovia. It was a test in which a hardtail behaves great, although it is very true that, given the lack of technical areas, it could be done in a Grave. Great comfort in the bike, but with the feeling of not having taken the most out of the Exceed. [IRP posts = "3350" name = "What is a serious bicycle for?"] Later the Oviedo challenge arrived, with a lot of slope but without technical areas. This is where the 9kg of this exceed made the difference, especially in the concrete increases, all above 15% inclination. Jorge Bikineros with a Canyon Exceed At the end of June we participate in the Caballero Negro Epic Race challenge, four -stage test in El Bierzo. Yes, I took a rigid bicycle to one of the most demanding marathon tests of the national calendar. In this case, I missed a rear suspension system, since although the Canyon Exceed SLX box absorbs vibrations very well, train track sections and the broken ground asked for a double bike bike. A moment in which the exceed surprised us was when we participated in the thread of Somiedo, with an initial climb of 3 kilometers to more than 20% of unevenness, and the most technical drops. For some reason, removing a couple of declines, we feel very comfortable, since with the proper pressure of wheels (I will comment this later), the exceed can be kept to the ground safely thanks to its geometry, which distributes the weights to perfection. To finish the season we went to the Atlantic coast MTB Tour. Three stages in the province of Pontevedra, in which the mud and the stones were protagonists. TECHNICAL RAISES AND DOWNS, broken tracks and very fast flat trails were the land we had to face. This was where Canyon Exceed showed that its agility is everything. Jorge Bikineros with a Canyon Exceed

Key Points of the Canyon Exceed

The painting and wheels are the elements that make a difference in this bicycle. The SLX box offers a very small weight, and DT Swiss carbon wheels roll wonderfully. It really shows how reactive this bike is, given its low weight and high -end bearings. In relation to the wheels and the absence of rear suspension, we reach a very detail to take into account in the Hardtail: the pressures. I have always been to go with high pressures, thinking of avoiding friction and shooting faster. But when the land is broken, as has been the case this season -except in Segovia -, with my 1.80m and 85kg, I have preferred to lower the pressures to 1.4Bar and thus benefit me from greater comfort, traction and cushion ( minimal, but it shows). It must be said that comfort is something that can be seen from minute one thanks to the SLX box and carbon wheels. But with a lower pressure it is amplified.

Negative points: size

Canyon seems to present problems for those between two sizes. In my case, with 1.80 meters high, I am between the M and the L. The main problem I observe is that size M in this model can be too small for me. And the l craps great. The Canyon Exceed that I have taken was size L. While it is true that with a greater or less length power, a centimeter problem in a size can be solved solvently, we must not forget that investing in a new power after having disbursed the more than € 4000 that is worth this exceed slx 9.0 It is a good taste dish.

The front suspension is a delight

Many cyclists value more Fox origin forks against Rockshox. But in my case I have to say that the 100mm rockshox model that mounts this exceed is of total guarantee. This fork at Canyon Exceed offers a sense of reliability in the most demanding trialeras, which has certainly convinced me. Yes I have to indicate that the super sales Rockshox Reba gave me several problems years ago on another bicycle, but it could be due to a specific problem of that unit. A factor that has caught the attention of the suspension of the exceed has been in operation of the blanket. Acting on the remote control of the handlebar, the bicycle becomes a rigid in its entirety, something that in the uniform or road profiles is very appreciated. In addition, the blockade offers incredible robustness, since on some occasion I have started a technical drop with the blocked fork and it has not suffered the least. Rockshox fork

Components that I have incorporated

In addition to the obvious GPS, tools and drums bag, an element that I have used a lot and that I missed in the series model of this Exceed SLX 9.0 is the telescopic shell. The sale price of this bicycle is a great disbursement and I think, although it has been designed to XC and Rally, a telescopic shell would have been a good detail in this version. The Canyon Exceed SLX 9.0 Team version and others of higher ranges do incorporate it. It is true that a telescopic shell increases weight, but for those who live in areas with very technical land, it is an almost essential component. Jorge Bikineros with a Canyon Exceed


For me this bicycle is a delight. I have really enjoyed it on all kinds of land, not only on fast tracks. After a year of use, I can only say that this bicycle is wonderful. And although it is a Hardtail full -fledged, it is a most versatile bike. It is very true that for the test profile and marches that I have made this year I would have preferred a double suspension bicycle, but I can not put a paste to the Canyon Exceed. In addition, when assessing the purchase of a mountain bike, the price jump at the same quality of Hardtail double suspension makes many RIDERS They value the agility of the first more than the comfort of the second, something that on the other hand is undeniable.

Canyon Exceed 2020 range

Version Table material Trasaero change
Exceed CF SLX 9.0 Race Ltd Carbon SRAM XX1 EAGLE AX
Exceed CF SLX 9.0 Race Carbon SHIMANO XTR
Exceed CF SLX 9.0 Carbon SRAM XX1 EAGLE
Exceed CF SL 8.0 Carbon SRAM X01 EAGLE
Exceed WMN CF SL 7.0 Carbon SRAM GX EAGLE
Exceed CF SL 7.0 Carbon SRAM GX EAGLE
Exceed CF SL 6.0 Carbon SHIMANO DEORE XT
Exceed WMN CF SL 5.0 Carbon SRAM NX EAGLE
Exceed CF SL 5.0 Carbon SRAM NX EAGLE
Exceed CF SL 8.0 Race Team Carbon SHIMANO XTR
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