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Routes to go by mountain bike in the province of Álava

Routes to go by mountain bike in the province of Álava

Álava is the entrance to green Spain from the Castilian plateau. It is the third smallest province in our country, precisely behind the other two Basque provinces, Guipúzcoa and Vizcaya. But hosts nature and places of great landscape and cultural interest like no other. It is worth a bike around Vitoria and its surroundings. To the north we find the Gorbea Natural Park, one of the most famous mountainous enclaves in the Basque Country, Mecca of many mountaineers and also of Bikers. Nor can you miss more flat areas such as La Rioja Alavesa, than with its vineyard fields as a witness offers tour of Mountain Bike Asequibles to enjoy family and friends.


Simple BTT route but of great beauty. Starting from the center of Vitoria, he leaves the Basque capital in a southeast direction by the industrial estate of Uritiasolo to enter the tracks of the Alava plain, looking for the sanctuary of Estíbaliz. This sanctuary is one of the jewels of the Romanesque of the province and is part of the municipality of Vitoria, specifically in the town of Argandoña. The layout is totally flat on wide roads and gravel, so you can do so much with a mountain bike of Cross country as with one Grave. There will only be one climb in the middle of the route, that of the sanctuary, to go down later and return back to the city.

Gorbea Natural Park Route

In the north of the province of Álava, on the border with Vizcaya, we find the Gorbea Natural Park, one of the most beautiful natural spaces in the Basque Country, where mountain bike routes of all kinds can be made. This pure MTB route travels through the Gorbea massif in a circular way by leaving from Murguía, in the Zuya Valley. The route crosses green grass grasslands, leafy beech and also irregular and stony mountain trails where to show the best technical skills. It is a journey of great beauty, an example of the landscape of the Basque Mount, to be carried out especially in spring or autumn. But also very hard, with hardly any flat meters, accumulating almost 1,700 m of positive slope.

Slate route

In addition to the Basque mountains to the north, Álava encloses other types of idyllic landscape to enjoy the Mountain Bike. One of them is La Rioja Alavesa, in the south of the province. This is one of the seven regions that make up the Basque province, known above all for its vineyard crops and its dolmens, with an ancient history. Precisely this route around Laguardia, capital of the wine region, runs through some of these megalithic constructions. In addition, you can enjoy the landscape of the vineyard field that floods the surroundings of Laguardia. We recommend you make this route in autumn, at which time the leaves of the vines are dyed red and yellow forming a unique stamp.
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