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Marcilla Xtrem BTT, suitable for all bikers

Marcilla Xtrem BTT, suitable for all bikers

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nJpNgc_JqA Marcilla (Navarra) will be the scenario that will host on August 20 the Marcilla Xtrem BTT, a competitive march suitable for all levels, since there will be a high -difficult route, and another shorter and easier. The departure will be taken at nine in the morning in front of the town castle, and the test will conclude at three in the afternoon. The dorsals are collected an hour before the test in the Plaza de España. Regarding the routes; There will be two. The length will include a total of 61 kilometers, with an accumulated slope of around 900 meters and high difficulty. It is a technical and breakup layout, which takes place mostly by paths. The short route stays at 42 kilometer and 400 meters of unevenness, and is considered easy, although it has some technical sections. It should be remembered that Patxi Cia, runner -up of the world in the Master category, which repeats participation this year was imposed in the edition of the world. In addition to him, other top -level cyclists and even some youtuber will take part in the test. Both on the short route, as well as in the long Participants will enjoy two solid and liquid supplies, located on the long route, in kilometers 24.5 and 41.5. In addition, in the finish line they can also regain strength with food and drink. If you want to participate in this test, Tuvalum gives you a two registration pack to take the exit next to the friend you choose. To get these inscriptions you just have to participate in the raffle leaving us your data from here. In addition, all participants in the test will receive a gift from Tuvalum in the corridor's bag.
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