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If you live in Valencia and enjoy the Mountain Bike, you can't miss the Valencia Bike Race

If you live in Valencia and enjoy the Mountain Bike, you can't miss the Valencia Bike Race

Mountain biking Three days, 116 kilometers with more than 3,000 meters of positive slope and more than 1,000 runners. These are the ingredients with which, from April 29 to May 1, the Valencian municipality of Barxeta will live an authentic mountain cycling party on the occasion of the Valencia Bike Race and the BTT Barxeta march. Valencia Bike Race is a test of Mountain Bike In stages, 3 days long, organized by Verthe Sports. The stage is The surroundings of the town of La Barxeta and surroundings, in the Valencian region of the coast, surrounded by hills, pine forests and mountainous massifs. For this second edition, a route consisting of Three stages, each of which corresponds to a different modality of mountain cycling. Thus, on Saturday, April 29, a timed stage of 8 kilometers will be held. On Sunday 30, a 43 -kilometer rally stage has been arranged and 1,100 meters of unevenness. The test will end on Monday, May 1, with a marathon type stage, on a 65 -kilometer circuit with 1,800 meters of positive slope. In this way, participants can enjoy three very different stages, thus living a more intense experience. Mountain biking As a novelty for this edition, participants will be able to register to dispute the Valencia Bike Race complete or to carry out an individual stage. In this way, there is the option of being able to enjoy the experience of making the three routes, each of them of a different modality, or simply making one of them based on the preferences of each biker. Although the test consists of three stages, both the exit and the goal of each of them will be in the same place, which will prevent participants and attendees from having to move. Registration is open until April 21, through the test website. Besides, All participants from Valencia Bike Race will receive a gift from Tuvalum in the corridor bag.

BTT Barxeta march

Within the framework of Valencia Bike Race, the second edition of the BTT Barxeta march will also be played. This is the fifth test of the Circuit BTT La Ribera 2017. It will take place on Sunday, April 30, coinciding with the second stage of Valencia Bike Race, which is expected to be expected More than 1,000 cyclists Rued on the paths and roads of the area in one test and another. BTT cyclists The BTT Barxeta march consists of 43 kilometers and an accumulated slope of 1,200 meters per mountains and natural places. In addition to its sports aspect, the event also has a social side, since the race will serve to raise funds for the Virgen de la Virgen Protective Association. From Tuvalum We draw a double inscription, so you can enjoy the free test in the company of the friend that you choose. To participate in the draw you just have to leave your data before April 10 in the following form: [sform] 3[/sform]
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