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How to plan your first route in Mountain Bike

How to plan your first route in Mountain Bike

There are two profiles of people who begin to start in mountain cycling. On the one hand there are the cyclors and triathletes that decide to change the asphalt and the mountain to change discipline or combine both. On the other, fans who, after several years without pedaling or performing a sports practice continuously, want to try the Mountain Bike. Knowing what is the right equipment to start pedaling on the paths is the first doubt of the newly arrived biker. Given this, buying a second -hand bicycle is one of the first tips for those who start in mountain cycling, since it helps save money being able to opt for a bicycle of good performance and quality assembly. The second question arises when the bicycle is taken. Where to go out with her? How to conveniently plan a route through the mountain? Is it better to start alone or accompanied?

Mountain Bike in Group

Better accompanied than alone

The ideal is to join a group that is already formed and leaves regularly. If you were not possible, try to create your own group with a couple of friends. It is always better to go out to make an accompanied Mountain Bike route than alone. For two basic reasons: one is security, given that before any mishap you will have next to you. The other is that some physical challenges that you can find on the road face better with company. That first climb or that first descent by trail always look different when the good atmosphere accompanies the effort.

Get friend of the maps

Our second advice is that you hobby maps. Before going out to make a route, use Google Maps or even Google Earth to take a look at the tour: its alternatives, decide where to start and to finish or any other interest data. Some municipalities also print maps and brochures where some interesting routes are indicated to make mountain bike. Also find out if that route crosses roads where it can be prohibited rolling by bicycle. If so, evil. Knowing or estimating distances between different supplies or where there is water is also important.

Mountain bicycle GPS

Take advantage of GPS and sports applications

Get a GPS for cycling. You find them in a wristwatch or device for the handlebar of your bicycle. Not only will they help you calculate the distance you have traveled or the accumulated slope. Some of them incorporate pulse to measure your heart rate during the route and you can link them to mobile applications such as Strava. If you do not have a GPS device or a pulsometer, or you simply do not want to spend money on buying one, you can use your mobile phone to measure your speed, distance traveled and route to follow with applications such as Strava or Endomondo. Mountain cyclist

What to wear in the backpack

If you are going to spend several hours in the middle of the mountain, get a backpack where you can wear useful accessories that will help you with any unforeseen event. The backpack serves to carry some basic tools, such as a respidious tire, accessories to repair punctures and tools to be able to tighten the bicycle screws. The flanges are not about either. There are supplementary bags that serve to carry the basic tools at the bottom of the armchair or inside the handlebar. If you do not use electronic devices, such as your mobile phone or a GPS, it will be useful to wear a printed map where you can place in case of loss. In addition, it will help you locate the closest populations and where there are areas to stop to eat and drink. You are likely to find experienced cyclists that do not wear a backpack. But you'll see that everyone carries water. At least 1 or 2 drums coupled to the painting or in the gaps of the jersey. It is essential that you carry water and some food for provisioning. Do not be scared if on your first route loads too many things that will not serve you for anything. All bikers have gone through the first times we have come out on the mountain. With time and experience you will lightening the backpack.
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