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How to avoid robberies and scams when buying and selling second -hand bicycles

How to avoid robberies and scams when buying and selling second -hand bicycles

If you practice triathlon, cycling or MTB as more than a mere hobby and you are accustomed to Buy and sell second -hand sports material through the Internet, it is likely that yourself, or some partner from your club, you have ever met with an attempt to fraud. In the worst case, someone may have cheated you with a false sale or purchase.

There are two frequent situations: the first, when you are going to buy an item and The seller offers you a system at least peculiar to pay you through a transfer with an intermediary or by means of a deposit in a trust company. The moment you accept and pay money, you have run out of it. You can find first -person experiences in various forums (here, here and here) and in media.


The second scenario is when you are going to sell your bicycle in the second -hand market and you run out of it. The general pages of second -hand articles do not offer guarantees or security in transactions or shipments. Advertisers are anonymous and there is no guarantee in payments and charges between individuals. If you run with a scammer, you may stay without your money, without your bicycle or without both.

That was one of the reasons that led us to ride Tuvalum. From the first moment we had clear the need to have A specialized website in second -hand sports material for cycling, triathlon and MTB that offered security, trust and comfort. These are the criteria we apply to achieve it:

1- In Tuvalum there are no anonymous vendors

One of the reasons why many second -hand pages generate distrust is because any anonymous person can raise an ad without verifying their identity. In Tuvalum all users must register and verify their contact data. Thus, you will know at all times who is the one on the other side.

2- We use a safe payment catwalk

In Tuvalum we have a payment catwalk. We use Braintree, one of the safer systems in the world for electronic commerce. When a buyer reserves an item, the money is guarded in this system and is not transferred to the seller until he receives the product and confirms that OK is. In this way the buyer has the guarantee that he will be able to recover his money if what they send him does not match what was announced. And the seller also has the assurance that he will receive the money from his sale after sending the item. Thus Your payment data is protected by one of the safest encryption systems for electronic commerce.

3- We have a shipping system

When you buy and sell in Tuvalum you do not need to find a transport company. We have already done it for you, taking care of shipping management. When you sell, a carrier goes home to collect the product. When you buy, you receive it comfortably at your home. The objective is that you do not have to worry about how you will receive your order. You also have the possibility of staying with the seller and going to collect in person. MTB biker In Tuvalum we work so that your experience of sale on the web is always comfortable and safe. After all, what it is about is that you do not have bad experiences or be the object of fraud, scams and robberies buying and selling a second -hand bike on the Internet.
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