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How to avoid doll pain when you go by bicycle

How to avoid doll pain when you go by bicycle

Cervical tensions, slight pain on the knees, even numbness of the genital part ... All these discomforts are common in those who usually practice cycling, especially in which they return to the bicycle after a while without moving the pedals. It is, however, low intensity pains that disappear when several adaptation outputs are made. In another category are the most serious inconvenience, such as back ailments ... and on wrists. In this part of the body in which the hand is articulated with the forearm, tensions are generated that are too many times to be almost a torment for some cyclists.

The causes of pain in the dolls

Most cyclists who describe doll discomforts are mountain cycling practitioners or of some specialty in which vibrations and tensions are the norm. Although it can affect all kinds of cyclists. What are the causes of this annoying numbness, accompanied by a tingling and, sometimes, of acute pain? Here are some of the most frequent reasons that explain why your wrists hurt when you go out by bicycle.

1- Choose an inadequate bicycle size

Use An inadequate bicycle size It is immediate synonym for ailments in the joints. Choosing a bicycle with a smaller or larger picture that corresponds to you means that Some parts of your body will have to adopt a forced position. The knees and dolls are the first to notice it.

2- Carry an incorrect posture and excess weight

An incorrect position on the bicycle can cause the center of gravity to be too forward. This will cause the dolls to have to endure more weight than they should. Try to delay the armchair, but remember that you will have to lower it 3 millimeters for every 1 that delay it. As for the handlebar, he watches that he is not too close to the armchair. Try that the seat is at the right height, and if you have a large picture and that is complicated, try Change the power for another that is shorter.

3- Suffer some pathology that you do not know

It is possible that, despite the fact that you are taking the appropriate measures, you continue to suffer pain in the wrists. It is time to visit a specialist, because You can be suffering some typified ailment, such as a carpal tunnel syndrome or an ulnar neuropathy. The first consists of a nerve compression that crosses the bones of the hand through the carpal area. A pinching that can affect everyday actions and expand to areas close to the wrist. As for the ulnar neuropathy, also called handlebar paralysis, consists of compression of the ulnar nerve, which reaches from the neck to the hand. The impacts, vibrations or a handlebar too low accentuate it.

How to avoid or reduce doll pain

Cycling gloves To avoid as much as possible the ailments in the wrists, which can be really annoying and even affecting our daily life away from the bicycle, it is key to choose a model to our measure, monitor the distribution of weights and have The opinion of the specialists (doctors and physiotherapists, especially). Another measure that you can start is that of reduce the hardness of the front suspension so that it absorbs to a greater extent the irregularities of the terrain and the vibrations. In addition to all this We can help prevent doll pain or reduce it with some accessories, like the popular horns that are coupled to the handlebar. With them it is possible to vary the positions and positions of the hands, which allows to relieve the constant pressure on the same point. On the other hand, in the market there are a large number of models of Ergonomic fists. It is also useful those that offer a pad effect. If we have Gel gloves, we will also do a favor to our articulation, without ruling out the gloves with built -in doll. Route cyclists, although they usually present fewer problems in the wrists, have been using with good results for years handlebar tape with gel inserts.
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