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How much does a team of the Tour de France cost sponsor

How much does a team of the Tour de France cost sponsor

Tour de France Have you ever thought about creating your own cycling team to compete in the Tour of France? If that is your dream, you will need a main sponsor that puts a minimum of 6 million euros on the table. And with this money you do not think that you can hire big squad stars, since 6 million euros is the budget of the most modest teams that participate in the Tour of France. The average budget of an UCI Pro-Tour team is 13 million euros per year. A cycling team with which to aspire to the podium requires an investment close to 20 million. In this way you can pay the cache of a rows chief who aspires to everything and luxury gregarious willing to sacrifice to take the Elysee fields dressed in the yellow jersey.
The team that invests more money from the entire squad is Team Sky, with a budget of 35 million euros
Although to defeat Team Sky you may have to scratch your pocket even more. The British team budget is 35 million euros a year. It is the highest in the international platoon and with that money is able to support a bestial infrastructure, starting with its cyclists and techniques, which move a salary mass of more than 25 million. Team Sky The best paid cyclist in the platoon is, obviously, Chris Froome, with An estimated salary about just over 5 million euros After his last contract renewal with Team Sky. The Slovak Peter Sagan charges a salary close to 4 million euros per year. Katusha, Tinkoff and BMC are the three teams that follow the British in the list of sets with the highest budget for the UCI PRO-TOUR. The three handle figures ranging between 27 and 32 million euros. Where does all this money come from? Between 60% and 70% of the main sponsor that gives name to each of the teams. The rest of the budget is covered by other suppliers and commercial partners. Second -hand bicycles Tuvalum
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