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Guide to tour the historic Route 66 by bicycle

Guide to tour the historic Route 66 by bicycle

Have you ever wanted to travel the emblematic Route 66, from Illinois to California? Route 66 is one of the great emblems on American road routes. Established in 1926, and although it is currently not located within the United States Highway Network, the U.S. Route 66 is considered a historical reference and of great tourist value. Every year thousands of people throw themselves into the adventure of completing this emblematic road as The Main Street of America wave Mother Road by car and motorcycle. But more and more who are also encouraging by bicycle by pedaling the 3,939 kilometers that cross 8 states: Chicago, Misouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Precisely, thanks to its enormous attraction for cyclists, the Adventure Cycling Association, American organization dedicated to inspiring and helping people travel by bicycle, has made a collection with different Bicycle travel guides through the historic Route 66, with maps, signs, indications of where to travel, where to eat or sleep. They also incorporate some tips to fully enjoy the experience of traveling route 66 by bicycle. Route 66 became world famous for its recurring appearance in songs, books, movies and television series, such as the popular American series that had the adventures of two young people in a Corvette, and that was named the mythical route. In more recent references we find the film Cars of Disney Pixar, inspired by places of the Mother Road. With the guide to tour Route 66, different picturesque and striking places such as gas stations, restaurants and motels that seem frozen in time and that in addition to the visual attraction offer very good prices can be discovered along the route.
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