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Germany has a 101 -kilometer bike highway

Germany has a 101 -kilometer bike highway

[embed] https://youtu.be/v-useffdjk[/embed] What would happen if the roads were for exclusive use for bicycles? Although it sounds like Utopia, the truth is that in Germany this idea is already a reality. At least it is in the Rühr region, where they are building a 101 -kilometer long highway through which only bicycles can circulate. It is the Radschnellweg Ruhr RS1, a road that connects the cities of Duisburg, Mülheim, Gelsenkirchen, Essen, Bochum, Dortmund and Hamm along the Rühr Valley and that is prohibited for motor vehicles. This road for cyclists will not only allow the workers of these cities to move by bicycle from their homes to their respective works, but also connect four university campuses. cyclists by bicycle The authorities expect that thanks to this highway more than 50,000 cars stop driving daily, thereby saving the emission of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Some sources point out that around 2 million cyclists will use this highway. The idea of ​​this highway for cyclists emerged in 2010, when an awareness initiative of the use of the bicycle was launched. The project consisted of closing for 24 hours the highway that unites Duisburg and Dortmund and allowing its use only for bicycles. That day almost 3 million people went by bicycle along the road. This was how the idea of ​​building a parallel highway that could be used throughout the year by cyclists was raised. The Radschneg Ruhr RS1 has been planned by joining several existing sections and planning the construction of new ones that connect the main cities of the Rühr Valley. And what do you think of the initiative? You can leave your comment.
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