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Five tips to enjoy the breakdown

Five tips to enjoy the breakdown

Very little is missing for the beginning of the breakthrough, the cycling march organized by the Peña Cyclist Edelweiss of Sabiñánigo whose 2015 edition will take place on June 20. As usual, the more than 9,000 participants will take the departure in the province of Huesca, will cross the Pyrenees area to enter France and return to Spain. The Breeching develops between two marches to choose from: Great background of 200 km and her little sister, the climbs half a background of 85 km. Cycling fans live this test almost like a religion. There are many cyclists who are already anxious waiting for the day. 200 kilometers of extreme concentration, Landscapes of very natural value, worshipers of emotion and adrenaline that with every kilometer that add to their bicycle reach the sky a bit. The breakthrough is such a popular march among fans that Most of the squares to participate in it are assigned by draw, which makes it a coveted treasure of the most daring cyclists. If you are from the lucky ones who will take part of this exciting experience, without a doubt you will be training as part of your preparation to the race, but however it is never bad to remember some essential things:

1- Do not neglect nutrition during the race

It is always important to bring some nutrition even when we find various supplies, but it is not convenient to exceed weight. It will be enough to carry enough hydration, some gels and bars and a banana to endure between each point. Remember that every gram of extra weight counts the double when you are on the bike.

2- Handle anxiety

Although it is always easier to say it than putting it into practice, do not let the nerves and emotion block you to make the best decisions during the tour or in the days before the breakdown. It is important to be in optimal conditions not only physically but also mentally.

3- Do not forget the raincoat

The showers and storms can appear at some points of the tour. Do not forget to consult the weather forecast. A raincoat or sleeves to protect the arms can be good options to include in the backpack. Although you add grams you will thank you for the temperatures and climates so changing that are found in the entire journey of the breakdown.

4- Study the rhythms and cadences for each part of the layout

Keep in mind that the pedaling and rhythm will be very different in the different parts of the layout. Try that the developments are not short of you or consume too much energy, so you can have an adequate transmission in each pedal.

5- Enjoy the landscape

You will be among natural landscapes of great value, crossing areas of great natural beauty such as the home of the breakthrough, the bird that gives name to the march. Take advantage of the stops you make to look up and delight with the colors and different sensations of the environment.
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