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Do you know how many bicycles were sold in Spain in 2016?

Do you know how many bicycles were sold in Spain in 2016?

bikes Sales of cycling -related products continue to grow year after year and consolidate as the reference sector within the sports market in Spain. This is demonstrated by the fourth study on the bicycle sector that has just presented the Association of Marsy and Bicycles of Spain (AMBE). Do you want to know how many bicycles were sold in Spain in 2016? They were exactly 1,115,034. It barely represents 1.01% more than the units sold in 2015 (1,103,839). However, the Spaniards buy increasingly faces bicycles. According to Ambe data, the average price of a bicycle stood at 533 euros (in 2015 it was € 479.60). That explains that sales of the sector were 1,548.8 million euros, 5.28% more than in 2015.
The Spaniards buy increasingly faces bicycles
Since 2013, bicycle sales have not stopped growing year after year and cycling is already the sector that most invoices in sporting articles, above other most majority disciplines such as football.

More electric bicycles

One of the reasons that explain the increase in the average price of a bicycle in Spain is the rise of electric bicycles. In 2016, more than 40,000 bikes of this category were sold, which represents 63.66% more than the previous year. The average price of an electric bicycle is 1,740 euros. Another trend that reflects the market is the growth of cycotourism. Last year, 20.37% more road bicycles were sold than in 2015, at an average price of 1,588 euros. However, the queen of cycling in Spain remains the mountain bike, which generates more than 44% of sales.
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