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Benefits of continuing to practice cycling from 60 years

Benefits of continuing to practice cycling from 60 years

Sport is health. That is what has always been said as a motto to boost physical and sports activity among the population. But it is not only an advertising slogan, but about scientific evidence. Several studies confirm that a continuous sports practice adapted to the physical conditions of each person improves health and reduces the risk of suffering certain ailments and diseases. But there is still the cliché that the sport is for young people, and that from a certain age the best way to take care is to avoid activities that imply a certain cardiovascular intensity, such as running or performing long sessions above the bicycle. From what age it is necessary to begin to abandon sports?
"When a person has an active sports life, 70 percent chance of ensuring satisfactory aging is guaranteed"
It seems that from none. "Physical activity means that the effect of the passing of the body is less, that it agrees more slowly and that there is a lower tendency to suffer a low level of mood, depression or anxiety," explains Juanjo Torres, health director of Cuidum. Cuidum is a company that is dedicated to the care and care of elders and older people. Its health leaders confirm that sports and physical exercise generates obvious benefits at any age. "It is important that each person develops some exercise habits, with the adequate supervision and adapted to the possibilities of each one," says Torres.

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Sport, best medicine

For Cuidum experts "physical exercise is the best medicine." And not only because of its direct effect on the state of health, but because a constant sporting activity over the years generates certain ailments and diseases and delays the effects of aging. In the words of Juanjo Montesa "when a person makes an adequate diet and has an active life, a 70 percent chance of ensuring satisfactory aging is guaranteed. People who practice physical exercise have less risk of suffering an endless list of diseases associated with the aging. Sport makes it aged more slowly". Diverse scientific studies confirm the latter. Thus, for example, a team of researchers carried out a study in which they analyzed energy consumption during a continuous career session in people over 60 years. His conclusion was that, from those age, who have maintained a constant physical activity throughout their lives have greater energy efficiency than many young people between 20 years.
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