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Basic tips to avoid being stolen from the bicycle

Basic tips to avoid being stolen from the bicycle

Bicycle thief If you have ever had the robbery of your bicycle, we do not need to explain what is the feeling of frustration it causes. And if it has never happened to you, you should know that there is always the possibility of once in life. Too many times we fall into the mistake of thinking that "if it touches us, we have .

Choose an illuminated place and avoid stations

It is obvious that a closed and guarded place is the safest for our bicycle, but the use we give it forces us to move to various places, leave it alone in public and then return to resume it. Leaving the outdoor bicycle is not synonymous with robbery, but we must opt ​​for well -lit places and are not separated. Bicycles are usually a more suitable place than isolated posts and signs. If you have to leave it in a place you do not know, you can ask in the area if there are usually bicycle subtractions. Bicycle thief One of those places where you should never leave your two -wheeled friend are subway, train or bus stations, because thieves will deduce that the bike will spend some time without surveillance. In the stations there are areas guarded with camcorders, check if you can leave it under the recording area of ​​any of them.

Routines are your worst enemy

There is nothing that attracts the attention of a thief more than someone who, every day at the same time, takes the same route and, for a few hours, parks his bicycle at the same point. If you make it with many ballots to be theft. Try to change from time to time the route you make and, often, the place where you leave your medium of locomotion. It will be the best way to move her away from the radar of the cacos.

Learn how your padlock works

In the market you can find countless locks, from the simplest to the most complex. The price can be an orientation about its quality, but keep something in mind: if you buy a expensive lock but you do not know how . Advise in depth on them and use them always joining the wheels and the frame to something fixed and firm. padlock   On which locks are the best there is a strong debate, but we can say that, in general, the most advisable are the U-lock. Articulated also offer good results. Do not skimp on a price if you want to take a quality product home and that lasts a long time.

Other additional tricks

Mark your bike so that it is not easy to sell. Many robberies occur with the intention of selling the bicycle, if possible as soon as possible. Therefore, the more the most expensive personalize it will result. Making some mark in the box or on the tires can exert a deterrent effect. To prevent the thickets from breaking the lock with ease or apply some corrosive substance, make sure you put it looking towards the ground. Don't let a stranger try your bike. If you find someone to flatter your bicycle and ask you if you can try it, distrust. You would not be the first to be stolen in this simple way. If you go to take your bike, and observe that you have a punctured wheel, do not leave it in the place to go for it at another time. It is the technique that some thieves use so that, precisely, you lose sight of for a few hours and then act. If you do not have safety nuts for the seat, nor can you protect some bicycle accessory, such as lights and reflectors, check them out and take them with you. Skunklock

And if in spite of everything, they have already stolen you ...

Even if we have taken all the world's measures to avoid the theft of our bicycle, we cannot assure their safety 100%. The first thing we advise you is that you denounce the robbery as soon as possible. On the other hand, we recommend that you always have the serial number that appears under the pedalier of your bicycle. Better if you also keep a photo. If you are fortunate that it appears, even if they have painted it or have changed some parts, it will be the best way to identify it. Also keep in mind that in some municipalities you can register your bicycle for free, which will make it easier to locate it in case of subtraction.
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