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Bases of the mailots raffle on Instagram

Bases of the mailots raffle on Instagram

Politics and conditions

Participants must meet each of the following requirements:
  • Be a resident in Spain.
  • Be of age.
  • Complete the draw actions published in the Instagram account of Tuvalum until 10:00 p.m. on December 15, 2021.
The raffle winners will be announced on December 15, 2021 through the Instagram channel in Tuvalum. This promotion is not sponsored by any manufacturer, brand or distributor of cycling material. It is an action created exclusively by Tuvalum for your followers on Instagram.

Selection of winners

Tuvalum will collect the following data from the participants:
  • Instagram profile of the participant.
  • Number of valid comments of each participant in the post of the raffle.
  • Stories published in the participant's account labeling Tuvalum.
Then a spreadsheet will be created with Google Sheets that will contain the profiles of the participants. Each participant will appear as many times as valid comments has left in the Instagram post that governs the mechanics of the raffle. A valid comment is a comment in which the participant has labeled a friend. If the partipante has shared the post of the raffle in its stories labeling Tuvalum, X2 will multiply the result of valid comments. For example, a participant who has left 5 valid comments and shared the post of the raffle in his stories labeling Tuvalum will appear 10 times on the spreadsheet to carry out the raffle. Each valid comment will have a reference number and occupy a cell leaf cell. Through a random cell selection function, the Google software will select a random winner. Then we will contact the winning person by direct Instagram message and announce his name in the Tuvalum account of this social network.

Legal Bases of the Draw


TUVALUM SL, with a registered office at Calle Peris Brell 23, 46022 of Valencia, with CIF B98725641 and owner of the Tuvalum brand (hereinafter “Tuvalum”), organizes on the dates indicated below the free contest without purchase obligation called “Draw of kings of a male of Tuvalum ”(hereinafter“ the draw ”) according to the modalities described in these bases.

Clause 2: Objective and contest conditions

From 12pm on December 14, 2015 and 10pm on December 15, 2021 (both included) who wishes to participate must meet the following conditions:
  • Be a follower of Tuvalum's profile on Instagram.
  • Give him "like" the publication of Tuvalum in which the draw is promoted on Instagram.
  • Labeling in the comments of this publication to a friend with profile on Instagram.

Clause 3: Awards

7 awards will be awarded consistent in 1 cycling male of Tuvalum of top quality. Each of these awards will be delivered individually in 1 hour periods from 4pm to 10 pm on December 15, 2015. Additionally, 2 awards consisting of 1 Elite Arion roller will also be awarded. The awards are nominative, the winners cannot give them up or sell them to a third party. The awards are not reimbursable or exchangeable for money.

Clause 4: Contest

On December 15, 2021, between 16h and 10pm the Tuvalum team will randomly select the winners of the maillots in periods of an hour. At its conclusion, the winners of the two rollers will be elected additionally.

Clause 5: Award delivery

The winners will be contacted by the private message of Chat on Instagram. In the event that it was not possible to locate them within 48 hours, or if you expressly reject the prize for any reason, Tuvalum will repeat the winner's choice. Once the prize has been accepted, Tuvalum will be in charge of processing the sending of the jerseys and the rollers to the homes of the winners, with the exclusive condition that it is within the Spanish territory. The names of the winners will be published in Stories format in the Instagram account of Tuvalum and in the post where the contest is reported on the same social network.

Clause 6: Protection of personal data

The personal data of all participants will not be stored in any file or database by Tuvalum. Once the Tuvalum award will proceed to the elimination of the Google Sheet spreadsheet on which the winner's choice is made.

Clause 7: Intellectual Property

Participants authorize the information that appears in their public profiles of Instagram, such as Profile or Name, are published and promoted in the digital supports and social networks of Tuvalum, as well as in any of the official communication channels of the communication of the communication of the Brand without generating right in your favor to receive any consideration.
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