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Alberto Accountant claims a salary limit for cycling

Alberto Accountant claims a salary limit for cycling

  Alberto counter In the NBA the salary perceived by basketball players is fixed by the American league itself. In European football UEFA seems willing to avoid lack of control and exorbitant chips through a Fair Play financial. And in Alberto Accountant cycling he claims that there is a salary limit inside the squad. The Spanish corridor took advantage of the last day of rest of the return to Spain 2017 to express his opinion on the budgets so disparate that they are handled in professional cycling. "Thinking about the future, I think you would have to put a salary stop. And I would put it at 15 million euros for the salary of the runners." This blunt Alberto Contador, who explained the reasons why he would defend the application of a measure of these characteristics has been shown. "If it is not done it will be difficult to have sponsors. Not all sponsors can handle the figures that some teams handle." The Team Sky, for example, has for this season with a budget exceeding 35 million euros, of which about 25 million are destined to pay the salaries of their runners. >>> How much does a team of the Tour de France cost? Accountant also believes that the ICU's decision to reduce the number of team cyclists "is a good step", because "that will make them more competitive."
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