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5 cycling documentaries that you will love

5 cycling documentaries that you will love

The cyclist Chris Froome If you are a great cycling fan, surely you do not miss the stages of the Tour de France, the Italian turn and the cycling return to Spain in front of the TV. But it is not necessary to wait for a great round to enjoy television cycling. The documentary cinema has also been inspired by this sport to create great documentaries that will not leave you indifferent. Here I recommend these 5 pieces for the next time you feel like a session of movie and blanket.

Clean Spirit, Inside The Tour (2014)

A very current documentary that reflects how a team lives the greatest competition of cycling, the Tour de France. In this case, the film enters the Argos Shimano team and how is the day to day in the French round by its two great protagonists of the moment, the sprinters Marcel Kittel and John Degenkolb. https://youtu.be/xPuhtJROgoA The documentary is available on the Netflix video platform.

Lance Armstrong's lie (2013)

We like it or not, Lance Armstrong marked a before and after in the world of cycling. In this documentary we can see how one of the greatest fraud in the world of sport was carried out: the doping network that led him to win 7 Tours of France (which was subsequently dispossessed). The documentary contains hard testimonies that reflect the illegal and unsportsmanlike practices that were willing to perform some cyclists such as Armstrong to reach the top. https://youtu.be/Brb6c5U4r-U The documentary is available in Netflix.

10 days, 4 hours and 39 minutes (2013)

A documentary that recounts the adventure of Julián Sanz, the Spanish ultrafond cyclist, and his support team in the Race Across America. The adventure consisted of nothing less than pedaling 4,900 kilometers in format non stop crossing the United States. The challenge was to get it in a maximum of 12 days, and competing against the best cyclists of this specialty. https://youtu.be/vLVpHtMaBBw The documentary you can see it complete on YouTube.

Pantani: The accidental death of a cyclist (2014)

Marco Pantani is for some the best climber cyclist in history. His peculiar way of attacking, his tape and his shaved head earned him the nickname The pirate. After winning the Tour of Italy and the Tour of France in 1998, they soon appeared doping accusations, which he always denied, but ended up being keys in the decline of his career. The circumstances of his death only increase his legend. https://youtu.be/xfN3uxk-vRs The documentary is available in Netflix.

Luis Ocaña, the tragic hero (2015)

The Robinson report program dedicated a chapter to the figure of Luis Ocaña, one of the great legends of Spanish cycling. A tireless fighter, in this report we can see and relive through images and testimonies its beginnings, its incredible battles against the best cyclist of its generation, Eddie Merckx, and unfortunately, its tragic end. https://youtu.be/Iq8cKwosHiU The documentary is available on YouTube.  
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